Dire Warnings and Sharpening Rhetoric!

Tell me what I need to know about a potential government shutdown over Obamacare, CNN:

Polls showing a decrease in public support for the health care reforms embolden the Republican stance. Meanwhile, surveys showing most people oppose a government shutdown and that more would blame Republicans if it happens bolster Democratic resolve.

What polls and surveys, in both cases? No idea. There’s no link and no numbers. These are apparently indisputable facts that no longer need any kind of explanation.

Maybe this poll would help:

Sixty-two percent in a new ABC News-Washington Post poll say they lack the information needed to understand the changes that will take effect as the Affordable Care Act is implemented. Barely one in 10, moreover, thinks the federal government, their state government or the health insurance industry is fully prepared to implement the law.

On the law itself, moreover, 52 percent are opposed, vs. 42 percent in support; in 16 ABC-Post polls since August 2009, it has never received majority support.

So 62 percent say they have no idea what is going on, but we’ll continue to talk to them as if they know things, since they have no problem giving an opinion on that about which they know dick.

And goddamn, I wonder if a constant drumbeat of “both sides do it” could be to blame for people not having any idea who to trust:

Only a third would consider the president responsible for a shutdown, with 51% pointing a finger at Republicans in Congress, up from 40% who felt that way in March, the last time both sides were at loggerheads.

So only a third would consider the president responsible! What’s the headline on this story?

Polls give both sides ammunition in shutdown fight



5 thoughts on “Dire Warnings and Sharpening Rhetoric!

  1. “What polls and surveys…?”
    Short Answer: I asked my dog.
    Longer: Well as Americans we love the authority of a poll. We don’t understand statistics which makes it easy to cherry-pick the parts of the poll we want to believe and dismiss the parts we don’t.
    BTW – really intrigued by the?animated gif?. Who is the guy with the microphone, what is the back story, and isn’t slapping a kid something you don’t want to do while the film is rolling?

  2. Actually, when you parse the “don’t like Obamacare” numbers, it turns out some don’t like it because it doesn’t go far enough. I read (sorry, don’t have the cite) that when you add that number in, 59% of Americans either like Obamacare as is or wish it was stronger.

  3. My local news told me that Congress is set to vote on the healthcare law.. It’s as if 2009 and 2010 never happened. And people wonder why the youngs are flocking to blogs and social sites for news…

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