Congress is Terrified of Teh Gheys, You Guys

Some m ilitary benefits for all spouses begin, necessitating a whinyfit from the usual:

Pentagon officials told reporters they estimate that 5,600 same-sex couples include an active duty member; 3,400 include a reservist and 8,000 include a retiree.

Robert Maginnis, an analyst at the Family Research Council, said the Pentagon is “ignoring federal law.”

“Sadly, Congress won’t do anything to defend the marriage law or force the Pentagon to stop granting member benefits to same-sex partners because it fears the Obama administration and homosexual activists,” he said.

Yes, Congress is noticeably cowed by the Obama administration these days. I’ve seen that.It can’t be that on balance, they’ve decided that giving a couple of thousand people access to the commisary is not a hill worth dying on. It must be that they PHEAR THE FEMA CAMPZ.