Who You Are: Game of Thrones Thread


Catelyn Stark raised two daughters, one a noble lady, and one a wild feral fierce creature of the north. 

Do you know which is which, anymore? 

I'm not sure she would, if she saw them today. 

There's a line in an Anna Quindlen book, I think it's One True Thing, where the main character's mother is talking about Little Women, and saying that Louisa May Alcott made the same mistake so many authors make, writing one woman who was a writer, and another who had babies. As if everybody has to pick. As if you can only be one thing, love one thing, do one thing. 

We see this so much in Game of Thrones fandom, where Arya is beloved (she doesn't wear dresses! she fights like a boy!) and Sansa is reviled (she's weak! she's silly!) and everybody's got a damn team they're on, based on who they were in high school or who they think they are now. As if you have to be a Sansa or an Arya. As if a monster can't be kind, or a lady fierce. 

Sansa Stark has always been a wolf, never more so than today. (Walking down the stairs, at the end, she Sophie Turner was channeling Michelle Fairley, and it was Catelyn for a moment, silhouetted against the sun, because Sophie Turner is a genius.) Sansa Stark took a look at the numbers, the way Petyr Baelish was always trying to get her to do, and she decided to do what would keep her in power. She's had a taste of it now, and that's dangerous, and when she finally comes into her own (QUEEN IN THE NORTH, BITCHES) she's going to make Littlefinger look like Cersei. 

Quick takes: Yeah, Oberyn, you dumbass. Never turn your back on your enemy. Certainly never dance above him while giving a gloating speech about how you are Inigo Montoya and he should prepare to die. You've just hamstrung the Mountain, so finish him off already. 

"King Tommen" still sounds like a bad Kevin James movie. 

I can't believe they're going to waste Indira Varma on just these few scenes she's had as Ellaria. I love the actress and everything she's been in, and it seems like she's worth more than the small part she had. 

Tyrion and his cousin and his beetles: Again, I have a hard time articulating why he's on my last goddamn nerve, but really, didn't we all have that conversation sophomore year of college while stoned and meditating on the futility of our existence? It's like, so empty, man, and there's no answers. I would have traded all that for more of Oberyn and Ellaria. 

I bust on this show a lot for the things I don't like that they've changed from the books, but the Missandei-Grey Worm romance is so lovely and perfect I'm amazed it's a TV addition. 

Speaking of book changes, I have not the foggiest where TV is going with Gilly and the  baby right now, but I did love Ygritte shushing her, and passing her over. 

Pyp and Grenn! I love every minute they're on screen with Jon and Dolorous Ed is my very favorite. "We have 105." "Are you counting Kegs and Mully and [whats-his-nuts]?" "102." 

Remember your name, Ramsay cautions Reek, before sending Theon Greyjoy in to take Moat Cailin. You're Reek, forever and always. Remember your name, Roose Bolton says to Ramsay in his turn, showing him the kingdom that will be his. You're my son now, because you've earned it. 

Remember your name, says Danaerys to Jorah Mormont, when she learns of his betrayal. Remember you were an outcast and a traitor, and I made you Queensguard, made you trusted, made you mine. Remember where you came from. Go back there, if you can. 

Remember your name, says Missandei to Grey Worm, remember who you were before you were Unsullied. 

No, Grey Worm replies. I know who I am now. 


6 thoughts on “Who You Are: Game of Thrones Thread

  1. I thought of Inigo Montoya there as well. I also thought about “What’s my name? Say my name, bitch!” from just about everyone, including the immortal Muhammad Ali, who taunted Floyd Patterson with that after Patterson kept calling him “Cassius Clay.”

  2. I was thinking, “Dude, you are dragging this out way too long. Finish him, already. Uh, oh. Now look at you.”

  3. 1. i think the late, great roger ebert wrote about characters (esp. bond villians) taking too long to finish off someone who’s on the ropes.
    2. was that coin rolling down the chute into the iron bank in the open new, or haven’t i noticed it before?
    3. i hope to FSM they get tyrion out of his predicament the same way they do in the book. that would make an epic final scene for the season!

  4. Who are you?
    That was also the question the Vorlons in Babylon 5 had.
    Greek cred is the tag, right?

  5. Mellowjohn, I do think they will get him out that way, I am not sure how they are going to handle the third person in that scene though, given the changes in the TV version. Either way, I don’ think it’s the final scene.
    Given they’ve gone supernatural most seasons, I think the book epilogue is our final shot of the season.

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