Send that SOB $5

Pat Robertson explains the fossils to you: 

I have heard fossils explained by Pat Robertson in a TV interview. His answer was that all of the fossilized animals we have found all existed at the same time. Everything from the simple life forms of the Cambrian through the dinosaurs of the Jurassic to modern animals we see today, lived together at the very same time. When the great flood came (the one with Noah and his boat), all of those animals drowned. The interviewer asked why they are found in distinct layers, and not all mixed together. His answer was that the most ancient species were less developed, and could not swim as well, so they drowned first, followed by the species that were more developed, with the Jurassic dinosaurs drowning last, then the lesser developed mammals. All that was left were the ones Noah had collected, which were the smartest of Gods creatures, and the ones destined to be saved.

He said all of this with a straight face. I was watching with my dad, who was a chemist/metallurgist by trade, and a devout Christian. His work was all about science and technology. I looked at him, and he was shaking his head. He looked over at me and said "Get my checkbook. I feel like I should send that SOB $5 just for the creativity of that bullshit story."


2 thoughts on “Send that SOB $5

  1. Uh, but the older fossils found at deeper levels are the aquatic animals and plants. Then they finally crawled out on land and became terrestrial (and more likely to drown in a global flood).
    OTOH – growing up in an ultra-fundamental church, I remember from 40 years ago that men and dinosaurs existed at the same time and the dinos drowned in the flood.

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