Here’s a Shitbird Needs Impeaching

From that Cliven Bundy NYT story, this tidbit:

Still, as Mr. Bundy surveyed the dusty landscape last weekend, the only sign of law enforcement was Brad Rogers, the sheriff of Elkhart County, Ind., who had flown 1,800 miles to stand in solidarity with the embattled rancher.

What the blue hell? First of all, patrol your own meth-ridden hick-haven county, you asshole. The taxpayers you claim to revere don’t pay you to grandstand out of state.

Second, this LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL sees nothing wrong with an armed resistance to the government:

Rogers is an outspoken critic of federal government overreach. He says he took an interest in the Nevada case because it has the potential to affect those in Elkhart County as well.

YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT. Or is this one of those things where you wish the county sheriff holds all the power and can tax the people in the name of Prince John?

Look, if these nutjobs want to stage a peaceful sit-in in protest of a law they believe is unjust, I believe they should be able to do that. But when they show up packing heat, determined to start a firefight, that’s where it becomes a wee bit different from the claims of “civil disobedience” they’re vomiting all over the press.

If this rancher was a young black man in a housing project refusing to pay his rent, these assholes would be demanding Obama send in the 101st. And if any law enforcement official stood up for that kid, he’d be unable to leave his house without body armor thanks to the very same whackjobs now claiming the government’s tyranny is forcing them to gun up.