Blogger ethics panel ahoy. Blue Cross Blue Shield "sponsors" the Chicago Sun-Times's political coverage, and certain articles are listed as "sponsored."

Such as this one: 

The genesis of health care reform was to focus on three objectives: Expand access to coverage and services for more Americans; improve the overall quality and outcomes of care; and lower health care costs. Taken together, these three aims are almost counter-intuitive — how does one offer greater access to more people and deliver higher quality care, while still lowering overall cost? 

In the weeks ahead, several colleagues of mine – prominent health care subject matter experts – will use this space to bring light to the ways in which the health care system is working to achieve those three objectives: Lower costs, provide greater access and improve quality.  It’s about more than enrollment figures and websites.

Remember when web sites linking to things was going to bring down the Republic? 


3 thoughts on “Sponsored?

  1. Yes. And the many many times reporters who have no ethics yelled about bloggers needing to follow the rules by which they themselves did not have to abide.
    I also remember when the ACA was billed as “the most progressive legislation ever”. But somehow we still need big insurance corparations to blow smoke up our asses about it.

  2. I’ll ignore that Blue Cross is not only big money but humongous money (and now that money is apparently free speech and they can spend it how they want to despite the historical connotation of Blue Cross being almost a govt agency.)
    But I do note that the local TV News has also crossed the line between news and commercial (and jumped miles beyond it). The one story that comes to mind that illustrates it beautifully is an article along the lines of :
    With fathers’ day coming up, what do you do to find that unique item for dad. “Local Store X” on the town square has all sorts of unique items…..Store hours are ……. The owner, “person x” welcomes you to come in and take a look.

  3. Local Newspaper today (technically last night’s paper). Front page, above the fold takes up about 3/4 the width of the front page with continuation on later page.
    Headline and article were that a very specifically named local pick-your-own berries farm is almost ready to open next week.

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