Odds & Sods: Reading List Edition

The-who odds--sods

I have my umpteenth cold of 2014, so instead of writing something brilliant (as if) I decided to share a few articles with y’all that have caught my attention in the last week or so.

Sterling’s Fold: This is Bill Simmons’ take on the Sterling clusterfuck and includes a *really* interesting account of a commercial flight Simmons took with Sterling and V Stiviano.

Benghazi and the Bombshell: Everyone’s been talking about Joe Hagan’s piece about Lara Logan, 60 Minutes and her horrendously irresponsible story about Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. I was a lifelong 60 Minutes viewer but that story was the last straw so I stopped watching. I miss Morley Safer and am glad to hear that he wants Ms. Logan fired.

Look at my Gun: Digby is now writing for Salon and this is her best piece for them yet. This paragraph sent a chill up and down my spine:

For instance, in the wake of the new Georgia law which pretty much makes it legal to carry deadly weapons at all times in all places, parents were alarmed when an armed man showed up at the park where their kids were playing little league baseballand waved his gun around shouting “look at my gun!” and “there’s nothing you can do about it.” The police were called and when they arrived they found the man had broken no laws and was perfectly within his rights to do what he did. That was small consolation to the parents, however. Common sense tells anyone that a man waving a gun around in public is dangerous so the parents had no choice but to leave the park. Freedom for the man with the gun trumps freedom for the parents of kids who feel endangered by him.

Because freedom.

The NRA has declared war on America: Speaking of gun nuttery and netroots bloggers gone mainstream, Ana Marie Cox attended the NRA conventon so we didn’t have to. Thanks, dawlin. I meant to link to this last week but did not. Better late than never.

Finally, on a lighter note:

Whatever Happened to Music Rivalries?:A funny piece by Steven Hyden wherein he lets go off his Oasis fan boy inspired hated of Damon Albarn and Blur. I’ll give Oasis the last word:

4 thoughts on “Odds & Sods: Reading List Edition

  1. It is going to take a while to read these – at a quick glance, looks quite interesting. Also love your other post about the tweet on international incidents but have nothing to add, so didn’t comment.
    Take care of yourself. BTW – I assume you’ve thought about this, but hearing about someone getting a cold this time of year sets off an almost reflexive questioning about allergies.

  2. What gets me about the gun nuts is the childishness, with this guy being example front and center. It’s an attitude they share with wingnuts generally, and it’s frustrating: how do you have a rational debate with an eight year old, especially when the eight year old is deciding to be a total brat.
    Christ, it almost makes Baton Rouge look mature. Gun ownership is on the high side around here, but with rare exceptions, people don’t prance around parks or other public places while waving a pistol (note: that said, you can google “Mark Edward Marciafava” to find that rare exception)…

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