Tweet Of The Day: Gun Totin’ PBJ Edition

Bobby Jindal may be one of the most unpopular Governors in the country but he knows how to pander to the gun nutterazi:

Little “Bobby” looks ridiculous in that picture but not as ridiculous as the caption. And that monogrammed windbreaker is from hunger. In the end, his campaign will only amount to a Magical Misery Tour:

2008 Magical Misery Tour

Since the Krewe of Spank met last night, I could not resist the Krewe du Vieux reference. It was the mother krewe’s theme in 2008. I suggested Spank do a political freak show theme this year with PBJ and Bitter Vitter as conjoined twins but the group went in another direction. I don’t think either of those pukes can sing like the Tattler twins…

Tweet via Stephanie Grace.

2 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: Gun Totin’ PBJ Edition

  1. “Bobby Jindal, current governor of Louisiana and very possibly a future President of the United States replacement for Alfred E. Neuman.

  2. I can’t make out what agency the seal on his left chest is for. Wonder if PBJ likes playing make-believe agent ? Or is it an example of the worst possible pandering by pretending to be tough on crime / for closing the border / whatever by wearing the seal of the corresponding agency.

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