Don’t Hurt Me, Mr. Republican, I Promise I’ll Be Good

Will Bunch makes some good sense: 

Imagine a party that sold itself as the party of knowledge, and that embraced science — including climate science — instead of running from it.  In both referenda and in exit polls on Tuesday, the exact same voters who established GOP congressional hegemony also endorsed policies from closing the gun-show loophole to stricter regulation of natural gas drilling to sensible immigration reform — the things that only got lip-service, if that, from the Democrats on the ballot.

It’s not a matter of moving further to the left, not really. It’s just a question of standing up for the forward-looking and mostly progressive platform bullet points that you already have. Because the problem, Democrats, is not with what you believe, but that people don’t believe that YOU believe in what you say you believe. In fact, they flat out don’t believe you, not right now. And that lost trust isn’t something you can’t win back overnight.

People don’t like weak-ass losers and Democrats, after a good number of years acting like maybe they weren’t totally ashamed of themselves, suddenly started listening to dillholes like Chris Matthews again. They started doubting their voters and their views and themselves. They started worrying out loud, and the minute you start doing that, you’re done. You might as well have stayed home, which a lot of people did, because really, we’re doing this again?

We’re afraid, Allison Grimes, of being accused of voting for the horrible man who tried to give Americans health care? We’re afraid, Democrats in Florida, of nominating an actual Democrat instead of a guy who’s changed his stripes so many times they’re fucking plaid? We’re afraid, Wisconsin, of a real live liberal who might be seen as cozying up to the college kids and gays or whatever the hell?

We’re afraid of being called what they’re gonna call us anyway? We’re doing 2002 again? “Vote for Democrats, because we’re not like other Democrats, like pussy Democrats who suck bin Laden’s dick, kind of Democrats?” We’re knuckling under again because this time if we hide just a little farther under the bed, people might vote us in on the rationale that they can’t see us at all and so we’re harmless? Just how many times do we have to learn this lesson?

This isn’t a matter of values. It’s a matter of attitude. This is what you think, and guess what? You’re the party that wants to gay-marry Ebola and ISIS together in a Scientologist ceremony with free condoms and joints for sixth graders as party favors, and a Barbra Streisand concert before the abortion cake. If you’re gonna be scared about what they say about you don’t worry about the lies. Worry about the truth.

Because the truth is you just didn’t want to fight and you didn’t want to get called names and you didn’t want to say you voted for the president and you didn’t want to say the other guy wants to starve your grandchildren and deny them medical procedures they need to stay alive. You didn’t want to work that hard, and you expected voters to respect that somehow? After you’ve been shown over and over how it doesn’t work?


2 thoughts on “Don’t Hurt Me, Mr. Republican, I Promise I’ll Be Good

  1. OTOH Susan Happ came out publicly in favor of background checks for gun sales and she got drubbed along with everyone else. Maybe if she would have taken more of these kind of reasonable positions it would have helped. Hard to say.

  2. Like the internet meme making the rounds of Jean Luc Picard screaming about how a group with a 9% approval rating gets such a landslide election.

    OTOH – as you indicate, the dems got some impressive steps forward but somehow ran away from them. And while the frackin-lovin’, XL Pipeline swilling repubs were voted for despite the same voters voting against fracking, etc.

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