Malaka Of The Week: Scott McKay

If you know me in what is laughingly called real life, you know that I’m fiercely loyal to my friends, especially when they’re right. One of my friends, Lamar White, has been under attack for telling the truth about Steve Scalise. One source of relentless and, quite frankly, dunderheaded criticism is a right wing Louisiana blogger, Scott McKay of the Hayride. And that’s why he’s malaka of the week, not just because his name rhymes with decay.

Lamar is a peaceable person so he reached out to McMalaka with an offer of a truce of sorts. McKay being a Gret Stet wingnut swatted away the offer:

 Our problem with this individual is not a personal one, though we would have plenty enough justification were we to consider it that given the things he has said and the conduct of his fan base on social media.

No, our problem is that what Lamar White represents – shameless hackery, cultural Marxism and calumnious smears disguised as punditry or journalism – is obnoxious to our political discourse.

And White’s latest endeavor – using an obvious lie to smear a man even those who disagree with him politically call a good man without a racist bone in his body as a white supremacist – is beyond the pale.

An obvious lie? No, that’s what the flying  monkeys of the right do, Mr. McMalaka. I don’t personally view Steve Scalise as a white supremacist, but rather as a shameless hack who played footsie with the Gret Stet Furher Wannabe and screamed like a wounded cur when he got caught. That Scalise full well knew what he was doing is indicated by what he told Stephanie Grace the first time they met:

 This is what I remember about the first time I met Steve Scalise nearly 20 years ago: He told me he was like David Duke without the baggage.

I was a new reporter covering Jefferson Parish, and Scalise, now the majority whip in the U.S. House of Representatives, was just starting out in the Louisiana Legislature (I’m going from memory, but the exchange obviously stuck with me). It would be several years before I would fully decode just what he meant by the sentiment, which is similar to statements he would later make to at least one Washington news outlet, and what it said about Jefferson Parish and Louisiana politics.

Note that this meeting took place *before* Scalise supposedly addressed the non existent neighborhood association in 2002. That group is so secret that I think they have something to do with the ancient New Orleans Carnival krewes of Momus and Comus. Those guys wear masks and pointy hats too…

The other thing that cracks me up about McMalaka’s post is that he calls Lamar a cultural Marxist. What does that even mean? I haven’t noticed Lamar wearing a Karl Marx beard or calling anyone comrade recently. Maybe there’s a secret handshake that he’s never given me. I have no idea what a cultural Marxist is and neither does McMalaka.

This is not the first time that McMalaka has picked on Lamar White. The last time was when McKay mocked Lamar’s disability after he appeared on stage with Wendy Davis during her ill fated campaign:

What we didn’t mention was that the draggee was our old pal Lamar White, who runs a left-wing blog replete with unfounded accusations, socialist fabulism and unhinged bile. He calls himself CenLamar, owing to the fact that he supposedly operates out of Alexandria. But he doesn’t live in Alexandria at present; he’s a law student at SMU in Dallas.

White has cerebral palsy, which is why he was asked to speak at Wendy Davis’ press conference. He doesn’t hold any particular interest for the voters of Texas other than due to his disability. He’s not an elected official, he doesn’t run a citizens’ group, he’s not a party official. He was there to show that Wendy Davis has support from disabled people so it’s OK for her to cut offensive ads that attack Greg Abbott for his disability.

Which is what’s known as a prop.

I’m not sure which is worse: calling Lamar unhinged or a prop. Either one is improper as far as I’m concerned but McMalaka wouldn’t know propriety if it slapped him upside his empty head. Mocking someone for their disability is the lowest form of humor. If Moe Howard met Scott McKay he would surely poke him in the eyes and give him a swirly. Flush.

The reason I’ve stooped to using adolescent humor and Three Stooges imagery is that I want to write in language that McKay will understand. Of course, his vision and hearing will be impaired as long as he leaves his head lodged up Steve Scalise’s ass. He puts it there whenever it’s not lodged up Bobby Jindal’s. I hope David Vitter isn’t jealous.

I must admit to being blissfully ignorant of much of McKay’s oeuvre. His political opinions are boilerplate teahadist crapola, and his use of language is simultaneously pompous and banal. I only paid attention this week because he’s messing with a friend who happens to be dead right about Steve Scalise. Btw, the next time anybody says someone doesn’t have a racist bone in their body, I’m going to scream and send them a link to the Urban Dictionary so they can find something original to say.

I, for one, hope that Steve Scalise sticks it out and isn’t dumped by Speaker Boner. It’s good to have a whipping boy as House majority whip. The Duke connection is particularly delicious since space was made for Scalise in the GOP leadership by the defeat of Eric Cantor, the only Jewish Republican in the 113th Congress.

I wish that McKay had accepted Lamar’s offer of a truce when it comes to personal attacks. He contemptuously rejected the offer and took the feud to a new level. And that is why Scott McKay is malaka of the week.


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