Friday Guest Catblogging: Boris

I met Boris on Mardi Gras day and the first thing I learned is that Boris is a she. Boris also came with the house that my friends Holly and Paul bought across the street from Dollar Bill Jefferson. Boris is a remarkably patient and friendly cat: I picked her up on our first meeting and she purred for me. She is also tolerant of humans messing with her as you tell from the King Cake baby on her head in the first picture.

Boris KC baby

Here she is with an Elizabethan collar ruff thing, looking very much like Bette Davis when she played Queen Elizabeth. I suspect she’d rather live with a male cat named Natasha than Errol Flynn but we didn’t go there.

Boris says fuck you

I wrote about shade the other day, here’s Boris wearing shades ala Harry Reid:

Boris shades

Being a Whomaniac, writing this post gave me a predictable yet satisfying earworm:




3 thoughts on “Friday Guest Catblogging: Boris

  1. It’s the visible fangs that make the “Elizabethan collar ruff thing” so very special.

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