Friday Ferretblogging: And Then There Was One

Thanks for all the kindness about Bucky this week. I miss my fat stuffy friend terribly.

The depression of being Bucky-less has not been helped by how happy Claire is to be an only (furry) child. I mean every day she is out of the cage, running around the room, playing with toys one by one as if to say AND THIS IS MINE AND THIS IS MINE AND THIS IS MINE AND IT’S ALL MINE NOW I DON’T HAVE TO SHARE WITH ANYONE MINE MINE MINE!

Possibly I am projecting.


Still, her newfound bouncy joy helps assuage some of my likely unwise urges to get a second ferret right away. With Kick we’re kind of packed into our urban hellhole, and Mr. A has been agitating to have his office free of weasels until we move to someplace with more room. It appears that for the meantime Claire will get to keep all the attention to herself.


3 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: And Then There Was One

  1. Growing up, we always had multiple cats (with the occasional dog over the years), and I don’t remember any of them being fazed in the least when one was put down. But then, we got them all separately; none of them were bonded pairs. With a bonded pair, I imagine the survivor feels loss when the other one dies.

    Our pets felt human loss, though. One of our cats was particularly close to my older sister. My sister didn’t take her when she married and moved out of the house (my mom was very protective of her furry children). Though I tried to pay the cat more attention to compensate, she was never quite the same. Part of it may have been her advancing age, but I do think she was lonely for my sister. We had her put down a few years later, at the age of 17.

  2. my 1st pair of cats were siblings + the male continued to call for her for years. she was about 17, he made it to 20 or so. i finally figured out you need spares.

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