The Silver Tongued Devil And I

It happens purt near every election cycle. A GOP Presidential candidate appropriates a song by an artist who would never vote for them. The 1984 Reagan re-election campaign used Born In The USA by that well-known wingnut Bruce Springsteen. Oopsie. In 2012, Michelle Bachmann used Tom Petty’s American Girl. Both campaigns were asked to cease and desist. I’m sure it’s happened other times but I’m too lazy to check. Maybe some GOPer should use a Smashing Pumpkins song since Billy Corgan is a pal of Alex Jones…

This year it’s Senator Aqua Buddha’s turn. The Aqua Buddhists have used a John Rich song that includes performances by plastic surgery victim Mickey Rourke and the eternally grizzled Kris Kristofferson who’s a progressive, not a brogressive. I don’t know anything about John Rich other than seeing him kiss the Donald’s ass on Celebrity Apprentice.  That was the only season I watched that reality teevee train wreck, and it was mostly to see Meatloaf, Gary Busey, and Nene Leakes collide. Hmm, Metaloaf is a Republican,  so Aqua Buddha should use Bat Out Of Hell. End of trash teevee confessional.

I took umbrage over the Paulite’s unapproved use of Kristofferson’s image. He’s a graduate of San Mateo High School and an unrepentant Lefty just like me. Apparently, the Aqua Buddhists didn’t get *any* clearances because YouTube has pulled the announcement video for copyright violations. Kris Kristofferson hasn’t sounded off yet, but I can’t imagine that he’s thrilled to be linked to the likes of Rand Paul.

It’s time to circle back to the post title. It’s the title of my fellow Bearcats second LP, and it’s a great drinking song. The Silver Tongued Devil And I could also describe Rand Paul’s attempt to recreate himself and distance himself from the weirder parts of his father’s legacy. We’ll see how it works.

I’ll give Kris Kristofferson, San Mateo High School class of 1954, the last word:

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  1. Those musicians are too nice to politicians that steal their work. They should be pushing for felony copyright violations.

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