Debate Venues

Last week’s was in a theater named for a subprime lender, so I suppose the Reagan Library is a suitable follow-up.

(Still, I don’t know if I can stand even MORE jerking off about St. Ronnie, who for all his faults would cockpunch Donald Trump and ask Scott Walker to go park his car.)

Since apparently anybody with the cash can call one of these things, I would like to start raising money next month for a First Draft debate, in which we invite the losing Democratic candidates for president who are still alive to spend three hours beating an effigy of George W. Bush like a pinata, and when money falls out they have to give it to somebody who promises to only buy steaks and abortions or drinks at a gay wedding reception.

Fruity drinks.


3 thoughts on “Debate Venues

  1. I saw Roger Stone, formerly of Team T Rump this morning on the Toady Show. Matt Lauer got the “did-you-quit-or-were-you-fired” irrelevancy out of the way quickly, then it was onto the pandering. If he said it once, he said it five times, Stone said that T Rump was earnestly dedicated to running for president, and he wanted to “save the country.”

    Either he wasn’t listening to what Stone was saying, or it never occurred to Lauer to ask Stone what that meant. I guess in the rarified clubby atmosphere of the millionaires, everyone just knows what it means to “save the country.” Save from whom (or what)? Save it for whom (or what)?

    They did touch obliquely on T Rump’s fabulous wealth, and Stone opined that that meant T Rump could “reform” Washington from the Oval Office. Reform it how? Is T Rump really going to make deep, meaningful changes to a political-economic system that rewards him quite well when he succeeds, and cushions him from catastrophically bad decisions (yeah, I’m talking about four bankruptcies, but also any number of renegotiations or restructuring of debt because the big finance boyz didn’t want to take a bath betting on T Rump). Lauer was apparently checking his stock portfolio on his smart phone when Stone said that, because the man who is paid millions to talk on the teevee with the high and the mighty didn’t ask for any specifics of what that “reform” might look like.

  2. I don’t know. This photo of Reagan shaking Trump’s hand doesn’t look too cock-punchy. Trump rose to national prominence during Reagan’s years in the White House. “Art of the Deal” came out in ’87, the same year as Michael Douglas’ “Wall Street”. Greed is Good. Reagan-Era Greed is Even Better.

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