‘I’ve told you about Sasquatch, my cat from after 9/11.’

I’m not sure we should be arguing about political bias when there’s this stuff going on: 

Fox Business’ Jo Ling Kent, a graduate of the London School of Economics who has earned two Master’s degrees in international affairs, followed up her segment by facing the only logical question suitable for her time and talents: “Do you have a cat, Jo?”

“I do not have a cat, I’d like a cat though.”

Smith continues “According to a new study, everything you’ve thought about cats is true. They are in fact plotting to kill you.” Smith seems to slap his papers against the desk in a moment of why-the-f*ck-am-I-doing-this-story. Kent meanwhile stares deeply into the lens, unsure of how her well-presented take on IBM-Chinese relations came unhinged so quickly.

Money. For journalism. Let’s talk some more about where it goes.


One thought on “‘I’ve told you about Sasquatch, my cat from after 9/11.’

  1. Schatje, that some body é-mails me . . . I cann’t believe it!!! I am a housewife with a cat, oké . . . I have here since 1999, oké … Thank you! I try to write Enlisch: I am Dutch and live in Amsterdam. Elfriede, 3 november 2015

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