Just Stop Interneting, Jeb

Go home and go to bed now, Jeb Bush: 

On Monday morning, Bush delivered what was widely described as a “reset” speech—”Our story is about action, doing, not just talking” he said—and he debuted the new “Jeb Can Fix It” motto. By Monday afternoon, #JebCanFixIt had gone viral, becoming a trending hashtag on Twitter. But not necessarily in the way the campaign wanted.

I was telling somebody on Twitter the other day that I am blessed to know two people who are in love with W. As in, would totally bang his brains out if they had the chance. They have both met him in person and believe that he cares about them and their lives. Moreover, they think he did a fine job as president.

Neither of these people would touch Jeb with the tips of their umbrellas. His relationship to his brother not only hurts him with a lot of voters, it doesn’t even help him that much with the right ones.

And then he goes and pulls the same stupid shit that everybody seems to want to pull with the Internet, which is betting the Internet not to be the Internet. The Internet is always like yeah, I’ll take some of that action. Just STOP IT. Stop expecting people to not hijack your hashtag if you are a dodgy individual. Stop expecting people to behave. We invented the Internet so we wouldn’t have to behave. Being merry pranksters is why we are here. You think we came here to wash your car?

Jeb probably does. I feel bad for whatever intern had to deal with this today. Couldn’t have been fun telling his boss, yeah, they’re all talking about it, but let me explain …


One thought on “Just Stop Interneting, Jeb

  1. One has to be a moron to approve a slogan like “Jeb Can Fix It” after what happened in 2000. If there aren’t already tens of thousands of tweets to the effect that Jebby helped fix the election then, I’ve misapprehended the innate snarkiness of the American people.

    Did they truly think the entire country had forgotten?

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