This Is Why I Don’t Care Ben Carson Tried to Stab Somebody

Look, our Congressional leaders used to try to fuck each other up with their walking sticks and stuff on the House floor; being a violent dickhead does not mean you are bad at your job. See every major sports league and lots and lots of CEOs.

This is far more worrisome:

WALLACE: But who would you call first, specifically to put together an International military coalition?

CARSON: My point being, if we get out there and really lead and it appears that we’re making progress then all of the Arab states and even the non Arab states, who I think are beginning to recognize that the, the, the jihad movement is global…..but if we fight it there, they will have to pool their resources in that area and then we won’t have to necessarily won’t have to fight them here. That’s all I’m saying.

WALLACE: But, can you tell us who you would call first, sir? On the International front.


CARSON: I would call on all of the Arab states….

All of ’em, Charlie!

Who would you call first? Well, I’d start with Poland because everybody gets shirty when you leave them out. I’d probably leave France alone for a while because they’ve got their own shit going on, but “all of the Arab states?” “I would call everyone in this general vicinity,” he says, and draws a big circle on the map with his crayon. What the tits.

For serious, though, this guy knows less about foreign policy than I do, which is terrifying. He doesn’t know what the debt ceiling is. I keep bringing that up because it’s not like he doesn’t know what to do about it. HE GENUINELY DOESN’T KNOW WHAT IT IS. Him becoming president at a time when Republicans are using the debt ceiling like a movie villain uses the hero’s girlfriend is like me becoming Fed Chair while not knowing about these small round copper things worth one cent each.


3 thoughts on “This Is Why I Don’t Care Ben Carson Tried to Stab Somebody

  1. The downward spiral — the wingnuts were all in a snit when George W. Bush had trouble naming various heads of state during a campaign interview; Herman Cain took pride in not knowing who what the head of state of “Uzbekibekibekistan”…now Carson can’t name even a single allied Arab state…

    Sarah Palin was just the tip of the iceberg…

  2. My current hypothesis is that Carson has spent all his spare time for the last twenty years with his nose in a Bible, or thinking up neat self-aggrandizing autobiographical tall tales to curry favor with his fans. He sure as hell hasn’t been paying attention to the rest of the world.

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