Democrats Will Always Have to Answer for Republican Insanity

All day yesterday, it was WHY WON’T OBAMA SAY THE WORDS, and then last night at the Democratic debate, three people who have an infinitely better chance of being president than any Republican ever were challenged to SAY THE WORDS GOD DAMN IT.

What were the words?

Apparently if you say “radical Islam” the war is instantly won! ISIS then is all “oh shit they are on to us” and they all hang up their balaclavas or whatever the hell, and nobody ever terrorists again. Wingnuts have been tweeting about this since before Obama was elected, like every time there is a terrorist attack they demand he burn a plate of baklava and yell CURSE YOU ALL MOORS AND SARACENS.

When he does not, because that is dumb, they point to it as proof of his appeasement or something and say this is why Putin doesn’t want to have buttsex with America anymore.

So during Saturday night’s debate, the Democratic candidates were all made to address the prophecy about the Dark Lord, because this is how we live now.

Because they didn’t (see again DUMB) this will be the only thing we will be talking about. Not the people of Paris and Beirut and Ankara, not the people who are being blamed for the attacks, not the refugees who are bearing the brunt of the backlash.

We will be talking about how, in the face of the halfbrights screeching SAY IT like some kind of deranged Dora the Explorer, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were like sweetheart, you need to take a goddamn nap.

Democrats always have to answer for whatever the Republicans put out. They always have to address whatever Republicans say is the dominant point of the day. They always have to rule out that Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts, that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the US, that Michelle Obama put crack pipes on the Christmas tree, that John Kerry shot himself in the leg so he could run for president 50 years later.

They always have to react to the Drudge siren, to the Politico playbook, to the story Republicans want to be told, and hey, the people making these made-for-Newsmax narratives the foremost topics of discussion are just doing their jobs, after all. This is what is “out there.”

And what makes me crazy is that it makes no difference. If Hillary and Bernie and O’Malley stood up last night and said you know what, Marco Rubio the Poor Man’s Ventriloquist’s Dummy is totally right and we are at war with radical Islam and let’s deport every single Muslim in the US and then invade Europe and fuck up, I don’t know, Denmark just to prove that we CAN, Republicans would still go out tomorrow and make out like they tried to hump Osama bin Laden’s corpse.

There’s no point to this pantomime anymore.


5 thoughts on “Democrats Will Always Have to Answer for Republican Insanity

  1. And it’s not even that Democrats have to answer for whatever brain fart burbles up out of the Republican id, none of the Republicans have to answer it, or explain why it’s so crucial. For example, see Marco Rubio and the continuing saga of immigration reform. For some reason, Rubio’s history of positions on immigration is off limits for the popular media. At least until his flavor-of-the-month status wears off.

    And if, in your exasperation with the Republican fakery, you ask “What difference does it make?!” it immediately morphs into “Oooh, Hillary doesn’t care about dead persons in Benghazi!”

  2. It does have a purpose–getting the mouthbreathers stirred up. Thus has it always been so. And the less sense it makes, the more effective it is. The more open-ended it is, the more future opportunity there is to play off of it and keep the mob screaming. The more meaningless it is, the more that some partisan gain can be achieved by it.

    Nor is it new. The fascists had this shit figured out a long time ago. That it is the Republicans doing it today, and that it is the mainstream corporate press enabling them, certainly is suggestive of something we’re not supposed to mention.

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