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OK folks – I’m calling for a pre-emptive strike on Freeperville.


Oh, I dunno – maybe that they have well and truly LOST THEIR FUCKING MINDS!

Senior U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at West Texas ranch
My San Antonio ^ | Updated 3:53 pm, Saturday, February 13, 2016 | Gary Martin

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Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of apparent natural causes Saturday on a luxury resort in West Texas, federal officials said.

Scalia, 79, was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa. According to a report, Scalia arrived at the ranch on Friday and attended a private party with about 40 people. When he did not appear for breakfast, a person associated with the ranch went to his room and found a body.

U.S. District Judge Fred Biery said he was among those notified about Scalia’s death.

“I was told it was this morning,” Biery said of Scalia’s death. “It happened on a ranch out near Marfa. As far as the details, I think it’s pretty vague right now as to how,” he said. “My reaction is it’s really unfortunate with any death. And now, politically, in the presidential cycle we’re in my educated guess is nothing will happen before the next president is elected.”

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To be sure, the first few posts are devoted to hair-rending:

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o dear god no the court will swing full lib now

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Damn! Can we delay Obama’s appointment, whomever it may be? Will the GOP even stand up THAT much?!

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Complete shock.

8 posted on 2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎02‎:‎45‎ ‎PM by Jane Long (Go Trump, go! Make America Safe Again 🙂

And how many posts in do you think we’ll get before the batshit crazies arrive?
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Who was there? Who had ties to the WH?

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Twelve posts.
Seven minutes after the  original post
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Scalia is the man who started the investigation into Hillary.

13 posted on 2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎03‎:‎23‎ ‎PM by combat_boots (The Lion of Judah cometh. Hallelujah. Gloria Patri, Filio et Spiritui Sancto!)
I had no idea that Supreme Court justices started investigations. Would that be an investigation by the Secret Supreme Court Police (the SSCP)?
Oh? There’s no such thing?
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Pelican Brief

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The crazy (and the hair-tearing) continues after this brief (heh – get it?) intermission:

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i wouldnt be surprised if the illumanti didnt do this

51 posted on 2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎06‎:‎03‎ ‎PM by angelcindy (“If you follow the crowd ,you get no further than the crowd!”)
Does that mean that you would be surprised if they did do this?
“Ambiguity – the Devil’s Volleyball!”
Emo Phillips
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This really sucks for his family.


If I were his family, I would ask for a full autopsy… in another country.

59 posted on 2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎06‎:‎27‎ ‎PM by Cementjungle
I hear Libya is nice this time of year..
To: combat_boots
its the ones that want to finish it that the Arkan’side(sic) scum care about 

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Dare we hope Mitch & Co will dare to keep Obama from filling the vacancy?

What – and end up like Scalia?

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Check for polonium.

150 posted on ‎2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎13‎:‎21‎ ‎PM by Does so (Europeans had better start “overstaying their visas” in the USA. ==8-O)
I hear they found Polonium in Uranus…
To: driftdiver; Yaelle
I am in shock…79yrs old, unexpected, he did not seem ill.
I hate to get paranoid,

Oh, I’m sure you hate that a lot.

but at this point in our country , let me say, if someone had him killed…I would not be shocked.

Such a decent, strong patriot.so few patriots like him of courage and conviction and truth.


O Rest in peace dear Judge Scalia and may your family find peace and consolation.

167 posted on ‎2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎15‎:‎02‎ ‎PM by Recovering Ex-hippie (Bush won the War in Iraq, Obozo lost the peace..and gave Iraq back to the Terrorists!)

To: Yaelle
Sad to hear this and hope he rest in peace.
Now onto my tin hat theory…….I smell a rat and that “rat” wears a large size pants suit.
It is no secret that Hitlary was definitely NOT FOND of Justice Scalia and NOTHING, NOTHING would surprise me that the Clinton clan had a hand in this untimely death. More SCOTUS “deck stacking” by odumbo will soon surface. 

169 posted on 2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎15‎:‎08‎ ‎PM by DaveA37

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I have passed through the disbelief that it happened stage into the


In good health, just doesn’t show up for breakfast, on a hunting trip???????? Apparent natural causes??????

Like when your Mercedes revs up and explodes? Or when your face turns Crimson pink after drinking in a bar and you die on the sidewalk??

170 posted on 2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎15‎:‎12‎ ‎PM by Yaelle

To: Does so

267 posted on 2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎24‎:‎09‎ ‎PM by doc maverick

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Yeah I’LL say it.. Team Oblama had him killed and the coroner fix is already in.How convenient for Oblama that a CONSERVATIVE CHIEF JUSTICE die while Oblama is in office.

307 posted on ‎2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎27‎:‎31‎ ‎PM by Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America
To: spacejunkie2001
If Brennan’s Criminal Imp Associates did this you and I will never know it … and I think that to be a high probability, that CIA did some wet work for their oligarchy masters. 

404 posted on ‎2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎41‎:‎20‎ ‎PM by MHGinTN (Democrats bait then switch; their fishy voters buy it every time.)

Let’s jump ahead a few hundred posts and see if any sanity has leaked in :
To: Pan_Yan
Am I the only one on the planet who finds this SUSPICIOUS?!?!?
Sorry, but I see a strong possibility that Scalia may have been secretly assassinated by a certain high-up individual in our government…….he was just too healthy………

793 posted on 2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎5‎:‎47‎:‎02‎ ‎PM by Arlis

Apparently not.
Some of the faithful are skeptical of the whole Arkancide/Illuminati death-squad thing:
To: Chickensoup


Oh please. He was 79, overweight, and a smoker. Tragedy, yes; murder, highly, highly unlikely.

241 posted on 2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎21‎:‎39‎ ‎PM by Labyrinthos
But the outstanding majority of the posts are like this one:
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OMG! We are so screwed. OMG! we are so screwed. 

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121 posted on ‎2‎/‎13‎/‎2016‎ ‎4‎:‎10‎:‎54‎ ‎PM by 4Liberty (Prejudice and generalizations. That’s how Collectivists roll……)
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F*ck, S*it. This cannot be real.

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My personal feelings on this?


I was always told that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, that I should say nothing at all.



4 thoughts on ““Obsession” special – vaffanculo fool-o

  1. I’ll continue to quote Mark Twain, which expresses how I feel about the death of Scalia.
    “I did not attend the funeral, but I did send a nice note approving of it.”

  2. Fat Tony;

    Born, nineteen thirty 6
    Appointed to SCOTUS, nineteen eighty 6
    Died, in the year two zero one 6

    ….just sayin

    1. You should write for Free Republic friend: That is some next level insight they could appreciate.

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