Where Do Trump Supporters Go From Here?

The scary thing about Trump is not what if he wins, but what if he loses?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ll put everything I have including my body on the wheels to make sure that happens, but I’m starting to think we need some kind of plan for these people:

They’re riled and they’re pissed, and it’s not that they’re wrong to be. Their jobs have gone away, their houses are full of lead and asbestos, their neighborhoods aren’t good enough for grocery stores or restaurants, their schools have holes in the roofs and water in the basements, and nobody has talked to them about any of this for years.

Except to tell them who to hate for it.

I get so enraged when I see these dumbass thinkpieces talking about poor white people voting against their own interests. What would voting FOR their interests get them? These are people who didn’t even notice the recession because things sucked so much anyway. Their factories didn’t close in 2008 or 2009. Their factories closed in 1985, 1995, and Democratic presidents, congressmen, senators did exactly nothing about it. Even if Republicans made it worse, it was already lousy.

The people voting “against their interests” don’t HAVE any interests beyond anger at this point. Give me the choice between crippling fear and directionless rage and I’m choosing rage every time, so where do they go from here?

Trump loses, and then what?


They go quietly, just one more time?

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Do we really think that’s a possibility?

What is our plan if he wins? Lalalala, we’re all gonna emigrate to Canada! What’s our plan if he loses? In 2008 America elected a black president and these people went so completely apeshit that not even TED CRUZ is extreme enough to satisfy their impulse to burninate everything in sight. America elects a woman, and I mean, I don’t even know, but we’d better be thinking a lot harder about the weeks and months after the election than we are now.

I don’t give a fuck one way or the other about Donald Trump in defeat. I don’t think he’d do a fraction of the damage to the country that Dick Cheney and W. did in victory. Trump’s supporters, though? Win or lose? They’re an inch from starting a body count right now, and they’ve got every camera in the country on them. When they feel they’ve been silenced again?

We’d better be ready for what comes after that.


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  1. Wow. Great point! We know they hate, hate, hate Hillary now. Maybe we can get some of them to make a pledge that if Trump loses they won’t riot. “RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND… ‘

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