Stop It. Stop It. Stop It. Just Stop It Now. Stop. Stop Right Now. Stop it.


The poll found Clinton leading at 45.6 percent to Trump’s 40.4 percent among likely voters nationwide, according to USA Today. This is a significantly closer margin than the previous USA Today survey two months ago which had Clinton at 50 percent and Trump at 39 percent. It’s also closer than several other national polls released recently including an NBC poll released in June that had Clinton ahead eight points.

Every time you cite a national head-to-head poll like the electoral college doesn’t exist, President Romney eats a kitten.

A live one.

A tabby.

Think of the tabbies.

I can’t fucking take four more months of this shit. Quit freaking out over national polls of 1,000 voters with margins of error of 3 percent either way. Just stop fucking doing it. Bush and Kerry were neck-and-neck in these polls the day before the election, when Kerry wasn’t ahead by 5, and none of it mattered once the polls closed in Ohio. (NOT OVER IT.)

You can argue all day long that the electoral college is undemocratic crap, too, and crap it may be, but it’s what we’ve got for this year, and Trump is campaigning in New Hampshire, and so for the sake of him not opening a Hellmouth I’m good with the electoral college. Yes, I’m a sellout with no principles beyond my continued survival on the planet.

So stop. Stop doing this. Stop worrying about this. Trust the state matchups and the adherence to reality that most of us still have, and this week’s release of Trump’s convention speakers, and trust to luck if you must, but do not run around with your hair on fire over polls the likes of which show President McCain about to push the big red button.


2 thoughts on “Stop It. Stop It. Stop It. Just Stop It Now. Stop. Stop Right Now. Stop it.

  1. It did scare me enough to go check 538 blog election predictions today. Okay house is not on fire, North Carolina may swing democratic, and with my help, my state will do the same.

    The more I see Kerry in action as Secretary the more I agree with you about what kind of president he would have been. He is really giving Cater a run for most effective career after losing a presidential election.

    1. I agree with A. Don’t worry folks, Trump will lose. I know.

      BY SPOCKO, ON JULY 4TH, 2016

      Just returned from 2019. Spotted this bumper sticker.

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