Lipstick On A Pig Time


Well, that was 45 minutes I’ll never get back…though, to be fair, Kellyanne Conway managed to remain what I assume would be called “poised” and/or “professional” throughout…which is about 44 minutes and 59 nine seconds longer than the person whose campaign she’s now managing could.

No, no minds were changed, and despite Ms. Conway’s best efforts to paint (or lipstick) The Donald as anything other than the crashing-and-burning Hindenburg of a candidate, this was really more the better part of an hour of kabuki (albeit kabuki where Maddow, as usual, um…ruled, for lack of a better word) … something to normally be ignored; however, one, turns out I might have been affected by the floods after all (possible roof leak, long story, will spare the details), and two, I was trying to deal with that while also packing for a short trip out of town … not exactly great timing.

So … even if this was only Trump in surrogate form, previous Republicans appearing on Maddow’s show aren’t exactly a Murderers Row: Rick Santorum, microcandidate (and former Loosiana governor) Buddy Roemer…Tim Pawlenty (I think). In other words, MSNBC (minus the Scarborough show) is where dying Republican candidacies go for a few last, gasping breaths of air(time).

OK, maybe Trump isn’t THAT desperate, though the fact that he’s spending time in Mississippi strongly suggests that he’s looking less to win and more to bask in the adulation of his base … the campaign equivalent of all-you-can-eat McDonald’s French Fries. I suppose if you like McDonald’s fries … but … eat too many and you’ll make yourself sick.