Not Trump: Who’s Earned the Benefit of the Doubt

I get this, because I did read the entire stream of consciousness word salad that was Trump’s full quote: 

Is Trump good at words-ing? Fuck no. He speaks like a toddler on meth. But we can see from watching the video that he was actually trying to be empathetic. Did the stream of idiot consciousness that rules Trump’s brain deliver those words in proper, sensible English? LOL no.

Yet, in order, here are my points as to why I do not feel sorry for Donald Trump getting dumped on for saying what he said even if he didn’t say it quite as nastily as it sounded like he did:

One: Attempt to imagine the fucking flipout that would have happened in 2004 had John Kerry implied that Our Troops were anything less than supermen incapable of feeling pain of any kind. Attempt to imagine how they would have painted him as a screaming peace freak who liked ver French buttsex with Che Guevara cosplayers, for implying that sometimes people who see violent shit in war “can’t handle” it. OH WAIT they painted him as a baguette-smoking windsurfing pussy ANYWAY, and he didn’t dodge the draft or brag about not paying taxes. So wah wah wah, Trump’s words are being taken out of context. Republicans were for that, before they were against it.

Two: Trump has not, remotely, earned the benefit of the doubt on this or any other issue related to being a human person. Would it be okay if Bob Dole or John McCain said veterans with PTSD maybe couldn’t hande the shit they saw? Probably not as not-okay as when Trump says it. It’s not that you let your allies get away with saying offensive shit, okay. But maybe you don’t rip them like they’re other people, if they’ve at least taken some shit for the same cause. Maybe you don’t hit them quite as hard if you know they’re on your side, even if in this case they’re not on your side the right way.

Trump has never been on the side of combat veterans, wounded veterans, people who need health care, people with mental illnesses, or really people at all. So there’s no reason to assume he wouldn’t be saying that vets with PTSD actually are weak, BECAUSE THAT TOTALLY SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING HE WOULD SAY. And when he and his surrogates point out that he was trying to be nice, well, in what universe would that be our go-to assumption?

All of this:

One of Trump’s major rallying cries for his glue-sniffing supporters is that everything is #rigged against him, and the media “lies” about what he says. Usually, he airs these grievances when he’s been quoted verbatim. The last thing we want the media to be doing right now is, God forbid, actually exaggerating or embellishing things said by Trump or his surrogates in a way that could give even the slightest whiff of credibility to his bitching.

Assumes a non-fact-free election in which people base their decisions on verifiable things, which ain’t what we got. We have 24-hour glitterbombs and pixie sticks up in this piece, and I for one do not feel sorry for anybody at this point who is sticky and sparkly.