Bill Weld Is A Bad Hombre

Bill Weld and John Kerry on St. Patrick’s Day, 1997. Photo via the Boston Globe.

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld is a throwback to a more genteel time. His 1996 Senate race against John Kerry may have been the last Senate campaign based on ideas, not sound bites.  In addition to being the doofus former Governor of New Mexico’s running mate, Weld is a former Federal prosecutor who takes a dim view of how the FBI’s Comey PAC is dealing with Hillary Clinton. He’s already effectively told people in swing states to vote for her and not Governor Weed. I suspect Weld himself *will* vote Libertarian since he’s from the true blue Commonwealth of  Massachusetts.

Last night, Weld gave a remarkable interview to Rachel Maddow. The video is at the end but I wanted to post excerpts of Weld’s comments on HRC since I’m a text kinda guy:

I have a lot to say about Mrs. Clinton that has not been said by others recently and that I think needs to be said. I mean I’ve known her for 40 years. I worked with her, I know her well professionally. I know her well personally. I know her to be a person of high moral character. A reliable person and an honest person, however Mr. Trump may rant and rave to the contrary. So I’m happy to say that. People can make their own choices.


Well I’m here vouching for Mrs. Clinton and I think it’s high time somebody did, and I’m doing it based on my personal experience with her and I think she deserves to have people vouch for her other than members of the Democratic National Committee, so I’m here to do that.

They don’t make them like Bill Weld any more, which is a great pity. I wish more conservatives would put country above party. Believe me.



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  1. William Weld is an old fashioned Republican yankee from the same school as the Late George Apley. I voted for him instead of the notoriously corrupt Ed King. If I remember correctly, there were were a lot of indictments and convictions during his term and his head of taxes committed suicide in prison. I even sent Weld’s campaign a check for $100. No one ever cashed it.

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