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Good people – I’d like to tell you about someone I met yesterday at the Democrats HD65 strategy / committee elections meeting Saturday.


His name is Young Sung, and he’s an impressive individual.

MBA, Deacon in his Methodist church, Korean-English translator for dispute resolution, the FBI, and Homeland Security. One of the mainstays behind development of the incredibly successful “H Mart” here in Carrollton (our fair city) Tx.

Endorsed by the Carrollton Fire Fighters Association, the Carrollton Police Officers Association, Ron Branson (former Mayor of Carrollton), Becky Miller (former Mayor of Carrollton), and many others, he ran for a seat on the Carrollton City Council last May.

Guess what happened?

He surged in early voting, and the Tea Party incumbent Anthony Wilder’s re-election was in danger.

Then, this was mailed out to Carrollton voters.




So – gay Korean mosques and temples for everyone!

Woo Hoo!

It gets better, though – please click on the “continue reading” to continue reading.

The incumbent felt the need to decry this message in the strongest terms possible!


Well, strongish terms, anyway.

(note The Heritage Foundation in his “liked by this page” column on the right)

Also, he is saddened.

It gets better (or worse) – Mr. Young received a communication early in the year from someone who offered to manage and promote the campaign, for only $4,000.00 a month.

Such a deal!

Being (as he put it to me himself) rather naive , Mr. Young took him up on it.

After the election (which Mr. Young lost by less than 350 votes) he discovered that his friendly campaign manager and his assistant were  best buds with the incumbent AND the rest of the good ole boys on the city council  –  and in fact, teabagger moles.

Live and learn.

If only there was some way to determine where the above letter came from…

Maybe if I just Googled the salutation…

Dear Carrollton Neighbor:

My name is (redacted) and I am a candidate in the current Carrollton City Council election.  I have lived in Carrollton for over 36 years.

Nah – still a mystery.



6 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Local Yokels – letter of interest

  1. That’s disgusting. “We don’t need their way of sticking together in little groups”, even though I want you to stick together in our little group of good christians, so that we can take over the city instead. Asshole. How do you combat this garbage?

  2. I am the person mentioned in the letter as the local gay man. The bigotry is local and strong sometimes. But there are good people in Carrollton and Dallas who are fighting back.

  3. I am a long time Carrollton resident. A true follower of Jesus will not write that letter. True COMPASSION was at the core of all HIS teachings. Diversity gives strength to human species. Ignorance and bigotry makes the entire SPECIES weak! Let us zoom out and put this in perspective.
    Carrollton> Texas>USA>North America>Earth>our solar system>our galaxy among numerous other ones> Universe!

    We, specs of insignificant dust, in the bigger picture. However, important we think we are. Truth is. We are not. So love and respect all while we are here. Honor others dignity. You may not understand them – that is ok. Leave others alone in kindness and mercy. Jesus would say please do not use my name and treat others poorly. It is not justified. It is wrong. See with your HEART not with your eyes. Think. Reflect. When you see a beautiful beach, do you see each grain of sand or the entire beach! Yes each grain is beautiful but when all different types of grains with its differences stick together it makes something even more beautiful – a BEACH! Our human species is just like that. Individually each of us is beautiful because we are made in the image of our creator. That is only a small part. When we respect and honor others and work together in God’s love – exponentially- we grow as we were intended to grow by our creator. Greatest commandment: treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated.
    Open mind – Open heart ❤️️
    All here in USA are migrants.
    Except for Native Americans.
    Instead of telling people to leave — why not be open to start traveling to different places and experience different cultures? When you come back here you will realize — if there is heaven on earth — it is USA. Why? Collectively, we got the best melting pot right here. No one nation out there has our strength. True diversity. We exemplify the greatest virtues (freedom, equality, compassion) loudest together with all our differences. Let us teach our children to appreciate this as our strength so they can soar above mediocrity the right way in next 1000 years.

  4. Just wondering – Young Sung’s opponent’s advertising indicates “proven leadership”. Could someone please advise exactly what that leadership was? Thank you

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