Saturday Odds & Sods: Night Parade

Spank Squad
Krewe of Spank float, 2015.

It’s the most wonderful day of the year, for me at least. Krewe du Vieux rolls at 6:30. That’s why the full-blown madness that is Saturday Odds & Sods has been dialed back this week. I’m too busy Krewe of Spanking, y’all.

I do, however, have a theme song: Night Parade from Robbie Robertson’s Storyville album. We march not far from where the red light district was located. It’s long gone. Time for some music. Hit it, Robbie:

I may not have a Saturday post extravaganza this week but I do have an Insult Comedian meme courtesy of my Spank krewe mate David M:

Trump Spank

That’s it for now. I’ll be back next week with a post that has more meat on the bone.

Riddler Meme

2 thoughts on “Saturday Odds & Sods: Night Parade

  1. I’m probably too literal-minded pointing this out, but 504 is not the error code for “not found.” It’s the code for “gateway timeout.” “Not found” is 404. I see it so often it’s jarring to see a mistake like this.

    1. Not a mistake. It’s a joke. The area code for New Orleans is 504. Theme was about how technically challenged NO city gov is.

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