Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Get used to disappointment” edition

Sorry about playing hooky last Monday, good people – was more than a little under the weather.  Also, I had to wash my hair, and didn’t have a thing to wear.

Also, this edition of “Obsession” is going to be a “The Darnold”-free zone, because – feet of clay.

Let’s start with O’Keefe does it again!

Live: James O’Keefe Press Conference
Periscope ^

Posted on 2/23/2017, 9:13:01 AM by TigerClaws

Live Presser.

1 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:13:01 AM by TigerClaws
Oh yes – O’Keefe, the human clickbait.  Is it time for another startling revelation?
To: TigerClaws

CNN’s starting to sweat…

5 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:16:27 AM by GOPJ (What is called “Fake News” is actually deliberate and coordinated disinformation –Freeper detective)

To: TigerClaws

Don Lemon squirming in his lace panties…

14 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:21:42 AM by Oldeconomybuyer (The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.)



Just in case you’re wondering what the Freeperati are all het up about:

Conservative Activist James O’Keefe To Release CNN Tapes
AP ^ | 02/23/17

Posted on 2/23/2017, 7:37:05 AM by Enlightened1

NEW YORK (AP) — Conservative activist James O’Keefe has announced plans to release recordings Thursday morning that he says were made secretly inside CNN.

O’Keefe tells the network in an interview that the media is a “huge target” of his and he’s targeting CNN specifically because it “has a very important role as an arbiter of news.”

So – it’s time for the big reveal that will bring the Commie News Network (wait, aren’t commies supposed to be the good guys now?) to its KNEES!!

To: TigerClaws
Site appears to have crashed.

Either a WHOLE LOT of people are trying to get on, or the Deep State has launched a cyberattack.

6 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:16:41 AM by Buckeye McFrog

Um, he said “Deep State”, not “Deep Throat”.
To: Columbo

$10,000 bounty??? WOO-HOO!!!

18 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:26:44 AM by who knows what evil? (Yehovah saved more animals than people on the ark…

Wow.  That’s  enough for the down payment on a used car!
To: TigerClaws

Not too earthshaking. It’s from 2009 I think. We’ll have to see what the rest of it shows.

20 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:27:36 AM by CarolAnn

To: Buckeye McFrog

Did I also hear that the tapes are from 2009? Won’t have much bearing on Trump if that’s the case.

21 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:29:04 AM by RoosterRedux

To: TigerClaws

Nobody you have ever heard of from 2009, this might be one of his overhypes

24 posted on2/23/2017, 9:32:38 AM by Emergencyawesome

To: Emergencyawesome

Me thinks O’Keefe has over-promised and under-delivered again.

27 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:34:33 AM by SpeedyInTexas



To: Emergencyawesome

Seems like weak sauce. I bet Hannity is POd that Keefe overhyped it on his show.

36 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:40:26 AM by over3Owithabrain

Oh, if you think this is not-so-awesome sauce, just wait until you see what El Rushbo has in store for you – if you dare to read more…..


To: over3Owithabrain


“Seems like weak sauce. I bet Hannity is POd that Keefe overhyped it on his show.”

For every home run swing there is a strike out with this guy

41 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:46:29 AM by Emergencyawesome

To: ptsal


“Make $10,000”

This guy seems to think it’s 1960…he needs to bump this up by another $90,000…it is 2017!

46 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:50:05 AM by MaxistheBest (…)

To: TigerClaws

Let’s say there are 200 hours. Let’s say there are 50 hours since January 2016. Put 10 people on it for one day and find out if there isn’t something a little more impacting than what he played in his intro.My guess is that every minute of this material has been listened to by someone, and unfortunately it seems a dud. Should have been put out without the hype, it is just crying wolf…

61 posted on 2/23/2017, 10:17:54 AM by Religion and Politics (It’s Morning in America)

Are you True Scotsmen Freepers going to take this lying down??
To: kiryandil


Quite a few n00bs pohh-poohing this. Almost like they don’t want you to check out the footage or something.

53 posted on 2/23/2017, 9:57:16 AM by txhurl

To: kiryandil


“Well, you’ve only been on FR since last September [not even 6 months], so we’ll take your “opinion” under advisement.”

Please “advise” me when you locate the devastating portion of the 8 year old tapes.

73 posted on 2/23/2017, 10:48:01 AM by SpeedyInTexas

And they’re NINE years old, not eight.  So there.
To: Emergencyawesome


He usually hypes events and they are duds. $$

77 posted on 2/23/2017, 10:59:57 AM by silentknight

To: MNDude


he is the glen beck of undercover video

80 posted on 2/23/2017, 11:03:27 AM by Bob434

To: dfwright; kiryandil; txhurl


Folks, I watched O’Keefe’s video at

None of the CNN audio in his video was significant. He over-hyped. Just telling it like it is. If something big comes out of the audio, I’ll be the FIRST to say I was wrong.

His $10,000 bounty is a red-herring. If he had great audio exposing CNN, he wouldn’t need to offer a bounty. He would already have it.

98 posted on 2/23/2017, 12:48:23 PM by SpeedyInTexas

Otherwise OK?
And now – the post of the thread!
In response to “txhurl” (I can only assume that he lives in Texas and has stomach issues) :
To: txhurl


Agreed, this was a good gift dropped in our laps. As they say, there’s got to be a pony in here somewhere.

56 posted on 2/23/2017, 10:00:33 AM by proust (Trump / Pence 2016!)

This is, of course, an old joke that refers to expecting a nice gift, and getting a pile of manure instead.
Time for one more….

Rush on amnesty for DREAMers: “Nobody’s going to win anything by deporting a bunch of kids” ^ | 2/22/17 | Allahpundit Posted on 2/22/2017, 8:33:23 PM by ColdOne

“Small price to pay to get the problem under control,” he says of amnesty for hundreds of thousands of young illegals, via the Daily Rushbo. Am I awake?

I kid. This shouldn’t be shocking — if you’re a pragmatist, not a polemicist. Point one: Trump has been hinting at amnestizing DREAMers for months. Usually that takes the form of gooey pronouncements about having a big heart and how “great people that are here that have done a good job … should be far less worried” about deportation than criminals. Lately, though, the White House has showed its hand more clearly by declining to suspend Obama’s DACA program for DREAMers as part of its executive overhaul of immigration policy. All Rush is doing here is getting in line with a Republican president he already spends much of his time defending.

Point two: An immigration deal with Democrats that would trade serious enforcement upgrades for amnesty for DREAMers does make a lot of sense. If Trump needs to horse-trade with Democrats to get 60 votes in the Senate for more Border Patrol, more sophisticated means of tracking immigrants internally, and so forth, legalization for America’s most sympathetic class of illegals is an obvious possible concession, especially since Obama’s already granted them…

1 posted on 2/22/2017, 8:33:23 PM by ColdOne
Uh oh.
To: ColdOne


How many live in YOUR neighborhood you hypocrite!

8 posted on 2/22/2017, 8:38:15 PM by The Toll

To: Extremely Extreme Extremist


sorry to yell.
Out Out Out damned Spots, I don’t care what your issues are.
You broke our laws, that makes you a Criminal, period.
End of Story.

9 posted on 2/22/2017, 8:38:25 PM by acapesket (all happy now?)

To: ColdOne


Soooo Rush! If someone breaks into your home and steals your “stuff” and they give your “stuff” to their kids, you are ok with their kids keeping your “stuff” once the parents gets caught????

15 posted on 2/22/2017, 8:42:20 PM by notaliberal (St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle,)

To: ColdOne


Rush is wrong…..yet again.

20 posted on 2/22/2017, 8:44:38 PM by nopardons

He was ever right about anything??
To: ColdOne


Regarding this epic decades long invasion, El Rushbo was no where to be found during the late 80s 90s or into the 2000s. But he sure yapped a lot about feminazis and golf.

Limbaugh is a sellout and 3rd rate political mouth.

40 posted on 2/22/2017, 8:54:25 PM by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)

To: Bigtigermike


Limbaugh is a johnny-come-lately blowhard poser on this entire issue.

57 posted on 2/22/2017, 9:11:03 PM by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)

As Fat Freddy used to say : “Me golden idol is tarnished”.

To: ColdOne

I was going bat$hit crazy when I heard him say that today.

Somehow, I don’t think you had to go very far to get there…





Going to call him tomorrow, and rip Mr. Sneardly a new one!!!

The last thing we need is another group of freaking America haters stabbing us in the back.

134 posted on 2/22/2017, 11:10:37 PM by pacificus

Well, that’s enough Freeper disappointment for this go-around.
And I didn’t even touch on the Freeperati’s shocked comments on The Darnold’s attempts to play dictator running aground on all those nasty checks and balances.
I do have to say that Don Cheeto is reminding me more and more every day of General Dreedle from Catch-22, with Jared Kuschner playing the part of Colonel Moodus:

General Dreedle: Who is this man?

Colonel Cathcart: Major Danby, Sir.

Lt. Col. Korn: Danby… D-A-N-B-Y…

General Dreedle: Take him out and shoot him.

Colonel Cathcart: Sir?

General Dreedle: I said take him out and shoot him… can’t you hear?

Colonel Cathcart: Take Major Danby out and shoot him…

As soon as Major Danby began to cry, Colonel Moodus, who had been vacillating wretchedly on the sidelines, could restrain himself no longer and stepped out diffidently toward General Dreedle with a sickly air of self-sacrifice. ‘I think you’d better wait a minute, Dad,’ he suggested hesitantly. ‘I don’t think you can shoot him.’

General Dreedle was infuriated by his intervention. ‘Who the hell says I can’t?’ he thundered pugnaciously in a voice loud enough to rattle the whole building. Colonel Moodus, his face flushing with embarrassment, bent close to whisper into his ear. ‘Why the hell can’t I?’ General Dreedle bellowed. Colonel Moodus whispered some more.

‘You mean I can’t shoot anyone I want to?’ General Dreedle demanded with uncompromising indignation. He pricked up his ears with interest as Colonel Moodus continued whispering. ‘Is that a fact?’ he inquired…

See you good people next Monday.

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  1. Have we finally reached the point that the only people who are left listening to Rush are people looking for reasons to to disagree with him? Such a long strange trip.

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