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Well, double-check those airlock doors, because this one’s gonna be a stinkeroo!

Trump Warns Comey and Says He May Cancel Press Briefings
New York Times ^ | May 12, 2017 | PETER BAKER

Posted on 5/12/2017, 8:33:36 AM by reaganaut1

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Friday warned James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director he fired this week, against leaking anything negative about the president and warned the news media that he may cancel all future White House briefings.

In a series of early-morning Twitter posts, Mr. Trump even seemed to suggest that there may be secret tapes of his conversations with Mr. Comey that could be used to counter the former F.B.I. director if necessary. It was not immediately clear whether he meant that literally or simply hoped to intimidate Mr. Comey into silence.

“James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter.

Mr. Trump appeared agitated

In other breaking news, water appears wet!

over news reports on Friday that focused on contradictory accounts of his decision to fire Mr. Comey at the same time the F.B.I. is investigating ties between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia.


Trump should get off Twitter. He sounds unstable, not what you want in a President.
1 posted on 5/12/2017, 8:33:36 AM by reaganaut1
Sounds unstable?
SOUNDS unstable???
To: reaganaut1


I can’t disagree, just have a high ranking WH official make the call.

2 posted on 5/12/2017, 8:36:01 AM by seeker41 (Free the USA-eliminate globalist causes and return to the constitution)

Meanwhile, there’s battle lines being drawn…
To: reaganaut1


You need to put down the Fake Stream News Kool-Aid.

President Trump is doing just fine, and I am glad he’s calling out the swap.

It’s about time!

Go President Trump!

3 posted on 5/12/2017, 8:36:06 AM by Enlightened1

To: reaganaut1


This is going south in a major way.

19 posted on 5/12/2017, 8:47:58 AM by babble-on

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I hope he doubles his tweets.

20 posted on 5/12/2017, 8:49:04 AM by UKrepublican

That makes two of us. I also hope that he starts screaming at press conferences, throwing things, and cutting himself.
To: reaganaut1


I agree, his tweets are making things worse, not better. There are too many “Support everything Trump does or you must love Hillary” types on here.

37 posted on 5/12/2017, 9:25:53 AM by linear (The truth brooks no arbiters.)

And last, but not least:
To: reaganaut1
“Trump should get off Twitter.” 

So, then you’re theory is Trump should not attempt to bypass the enemedia


and communicate directly with the people, but should instead let the people hear only the lying voices of CNN/CBS/ABC/CBS and what they CLAIM Trump said?

Not to mention, the enemedia


proclaims 24x7x365 every day since he was nominated that he is “unstable”, regardless of what he says or does.

Oh, and Trump doesn’t sound unstable to me. He simply sounds like Trump has always sounded.

83 posted on 5/12/2017, 1:21:17 PM by catnipman ( Cat Nipman: Vote Republican in 2012 and only be called racist one more time!)

Unstable. Quelle’ suprise!
Some older stuff below the virtual fold.

Well, when we last left the Dukes and those Cliven brothers, Boss Hog was a-getting closer and closer to his dream trial…

Bundy supporters’ lawyers say ruling eviscerates their case (BUNKERVILLE STANDOFF-KANGAROO COURT) Las Vegas Review Journal ^ | 4/3/2017 | Jenny Wilson Posted on 4/4/2017, 7:05:38 AM by Nextrush

Lawyers representing rancher Cliven Bundy’s supporters accused a judge of eviscerating their defense case Monday by effectively prohibiting several planned witnesses from testifying.

U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro’s ruling blocks witnesses from testifying about federal authorities’ actions in the days before the 2014 Bunkerville standoff between protestors and Bureau of Land Management agents who tried to seize Bundy’s cattle from public land. Law enforcement officers’ actions were expected to be a cornerstone of the defense case in the conspiracy trial; the ruling so affected the strategy that defense lawyers asked for an evening to reassess before they call witnesses……

Previous legal filings have revealed that defense attorneys intended to argue their clients were not the aggressors, but acted in self-defense against a militant and excessively forceful police presence. In the pre-standoff days, videos showing the law enforcement officers using a stun gun on two of Bundy’s sons and tackling a middle-aged woman were circulated widely on social media.

But Navarro sided with the federal government when she ruled that testimony related to authorities’ pre-standoff behavior was “irrelevant……

1 posted on 4/4/2017, 7:05:38 AM by Nextrush
Whelp, there’s a new Mayor in town now, and he’s a-gonna put Boss Hog in his place.
To: Nextrush


“When does the justice come from Washington and the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions to shut this prosecution and persecution down?”

When indeed? Nothing but crickets from Washington. This really bothers me…….

3 posted on 4/4/2017, 7:12:39 AM by RepRivFarm (“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell)
Today, in “shit-stupid false equivalencies” :
To: RepRivFarm 

Dr. Martin Luther King was certainly glad when the candidate John F. Kennedy got him out of jail during the election campaign in 1960.

…because Cliven Bundy is exactly like MLK…

But he expected more of President John F. Kennedy on race and when it didn’t happen, non violent civil disobedience was in full swing in the South making JFK an enemy of MLK.

The FBI was sent out to spy eventually on MLK’s hotel rooms.

By Hoover, not JFK.

I voted for Donald J. Trump and wish him the best but we need justice now starting with the Hammond’s who jailing as terrorists (mandatory five year sentence) brought Ammon Bundy, LaVoy Finicum and others to the Oregon Standoff last year.

Then we need justice for others convicted in Oregon, for those charged in Nevada right now and sitting in prisons (around two dozen in total).

5 posted on 4/4/2017, 7:22:36 AM by Nextrush (Freedom is everybody’s business: Remember Pastor Niemoller)

Good luck with that.
In the “Autocowrecks” department :
To: rktman 

I cannot get past the part where Bundy and his family think that we, the American people, should let them squat on public lands, grazing his cattle, without paying for it. Whether we want to support or not, the public ownership of the land, it is a fact, and they had a contract originally to graze their cattle on that land. They then chose to stop paying for that. Any discussion of personal rights, the ownership of the land, are difficult to get to win the whole act is based on theft. Theft by the Bundys against the American people. Other ranchers pay to use the public land and had the Bundys not wanted to pay any more and not graze their cattle on that land, someone else could have, giving us the revenue for the use of our public land. This is staffed. Simple, corporate welfare if we want to talk about it in a business sense.

Wait for it…

The bunnies never own any of the slim, they never had a title to any of this land,


I believe the family ownership of their own land there in that areatraced back 40 years.

15 posted on 4/12/2017, 10:28:06 AM by Reno89519 (Drain the Swamp is not party specific. Lyn’ Ted is still a liar, Good riddance to him.)

Snickering ensues.
To: Reno89519


“….even if I use the word bunnies….”

Yeah them iPads can be bothersome. But, as far as the bunnies? They have total control of my backyard and graze at their leisure. Federal lands in NV were part of the deal for statehood if I remember correctly. Which is suspect of course.

22 posted on 4/12/2017, 10:40:48 AM by rktman (Enlisted in the Navy in ’67 to protect folks rights to strip my rights. WTH?!)

Well, that’s enough for one outing.
I’m trying to do the “less is more” thing these days (or perhaps just trying to limit my toxic exposure to Freeperville…)
Oh, shut the fuck up.