Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the KKK – getting in Dutch edition

I’m going to have to hire some staff.

The “Obsession” post today after this one was written first, but then this thing happened, and Ms. A gave me permission to post both. So – bonus “Obsession” today.

The Freeper stupidity just keeps coming and coming and coming.

This thread, however, is……………..special.

Car Runs into Crowd at White Nationalist Protest in Charlottesville Virginia [BREAKING NEWS]
US News Today ^ | Aug 12, 2017 | US News Today

Posted on 8/12/2017, 1:49:17 PM by dragnet2

Car plows into protesters during clashes at Unite the Right rally. Car Runs into Crowd at White Supremacist Protest in Charlottesville Virginia [BREAKING NEWS]


VIDEO at linkMultiple injuries

1 posted on 8/12/2017, 1:49:17 PM by dragnet2
First reaction is to deny that the murder was intentional:
To: dragnet2


Three car wreck at an intersection a block from the site of the protests.
Even the CNN announcers on your link say they don’t know if it was an accident or intentional.

5 posted on 8/12/2017, 1:53:51 PM by grey_whiskers (The opinions are solely those of the author and are subject to change without notice.)

To: dragnet2


Fox News is wondering if the car sped though the crowd because people were throwing objects at it (as it sped down the street) and that is why the driver was speeding therefore it must have been accidental…..

30 posted on 8/12/2017, 2:06:50 PM by pinkandgreenmom

To: grey_whiskers
Even the CNN announcers on your link say they don’t know if it was an accident or intentional. 

A video just surfaced showing the car driving down the side street as it was being bombarded with bottles, rocks and other debris by peaceful ANTIFA protesters.

In my opinion, it wasn’t intentional, it was self preservation………..

35 posted on 8/12/2017, 2:09:04 PM by Hot Tabasco
Of course, we all know who’s REALLY behind this :
To: wastoute


The Southern Poverty Law Center is up to their beady little racist eyeballs in all of this.

7 posted on 8/12/2017, 1:55:01 PM by digger48

Bless your heart.
Of course, the Freepers have no doubt about the religion of the murderer self-defending patriot :
To: deks


Pajamahadeen on the case!

64 posted on 8/12/2017, 2:21:52 PM by silverleaf (We voted for change, not leftover change)

I can hardly wait for the “Allahu Snackbar” comments to start…
To: wastoute


Man, those Amish—you let them behind the wheel and all hell breaks loose…

247 posted on 8/12/2017, 3:31:12 PM by American Quilter (President Trump’s making good on his campaign promises–it’s morning in America!)

Close enough.
More below, as the Freeperati try to blame everyone from the Dutch to President Obama…

To: wastoute; dragnet2


And so what if they are white nationalists.

Feminazis march and they’re applauded, blacks march and they’re applauded, Mexicans march and they’re applauded… Whites march and they’re denigrated.

It’s about time whites start defending their interests murdering protestors!

67 posted on 8/12/2017, 2:22:21 PM by aquila48

Blame-shifting –  escalate!
To: AppyPappy; Hot Tabasco
In my opinion, it wasn’t intentional, it was self preservation………..
I take that back! Maybe two year old car, Ohio License plate GVF 1111 down in Virginia for a protest? 

My guess is that it’s a stolen car being driven by either a BLM or ANTIFA member…….


You don’t deliberately run into a crowd like that, back up and try to get away then abandon the vehicle and flee if you’re an innocent who got caught up in a protest……..

90 posted on 8/12/2017, 2:33:09 PM by Hot Tabasco

Blind squirrel finds acorn! Film at 11 !
To: wastoute


You only have to see the crowd which was hit to see they wanted violence. They are carrying bricks, and sticks, and no mention of that off the media.

Well they wanted violence they got it.

116 posted on 8/12/2017, 2:42:33 PM by manc ( If they want so called marriage equality then they should support polygamy too.)

They’re asking for it!
To: Paladin2
“Who gets their windows darkly tinted?” 

George Soros?

117 posted on 8/12/2017, 2:42:36 PM by Godebert (CRUZ: Born in a foreign land to a foreign father.)
(Tommy T checks off a Freeper Bingo square)
To: Chgogal


I have turned the news off, and will be off all weekend, minus One American News who are not like the lying crap of FOX, CNN, MSNBC

193 posted on 8/12/2017, 3:16:15 PM by manc ( If they want so called marriage equality then they should support polygamy too.)

And suddenly – a break in the case!!
Driver has been identified. Joel Vangheluwe – car registered to father #newmedia #Charlottesville #Car Caption “my car when I turn 16” 2011
189 posted on 8/12/2017, 3:15:00 PM by proust (Since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his word.)
To: proust
191 posted on 8/12/2017, 3:15:31 PM by proust (Since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his word.)
Proust positive!
To: proust


A South African kind of name.

Curiouser and Curiouser.

197 posted on 8/12/2017, 3:18:39 PM by HiTech RedNeck (Tryin’ hard to win the No-Bull Prize.)

RedNeck – a stupid racist kind of name.
Dumb and Dumber.
To: HiTech RedNeck
No, it’s DUTCH!



And the original whites who went to what is now RSA, was a mix of Dutch and French Huguenots who had fled to Holland, to escape being murdered by the French Catholics who were killing them.

And later on others emigrated to what is now RSA, from the UK and many other nations…and in more recent times, from other African nations too.

234 posted on 8/12/2017, 3:26:59 PM by nopardons

To: Godebert 

Guy identified. Social media outed. He is a libtard.

(Tommy T checks off another square on his Freeper Bingo card)

Friendly fire.

202 posted on 8/12/2017, 3:19:15 PM by wastoute (Government cannot redistribute wealth. Government can only redistribute poverty.)

To: SoFloFreeper


a liberal drives into liberals to blame us on the right.

Typical left wing, Soros, socialist, commie crap.

232 posted on 8/12/2017, 3:26:46 PM by manc ( If they want so called marriage equality then they should support polygamy too.)

(Tommy T checks off three more squares on his Freeper Bingo card)
To: Bodleian_Girl
I don’t think he’s a conservative. 

Nor do I, but you know how the enemedia will play it.

437 posted on 8/12/2017, 4:55:20 PM by JimRed ( TERM LIMITS, NOW!“At 9 a.m. this morning a shipbo Building the Wall! TRUTH is the new HATE SPEECH)
(Tommy T checks off another square)
To: simon says what; SkyPilot; Roman_War_Criminal; Lera; 444Flyer; metmom; SVTCobra03
Just the kind of stuff that Obama was trying to fuel. The antichrist was sowing seeds of “ethnos rising against ethnos”. He knew exactly what he was doing. Thinks he’s clever. Hrrmpf. God knows what he was doing alright. Obama wanted nothing less than to set the USA on fire.

445 posted on 8/12/2017, 5:00:19 PM by SaveFerris (Luke 17:28 … as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold ….)
(Tommy T gets a teddy bear Bingo prize, new set of Bingo cards)
To: Godebert
The driver is an anti-Trump AntiFa anarchist named Joel Vangheluwe. 

Joel VanGheluwe is claiming he didn’t do it, that he sold the car years ago to someone in Ohio, and that he is at a wedding in Michigan.

Which, of course would be difficult to do – since he’s already in custody.

The police have yet to release the name of the person they arrested.

Joel VanGeluwe got fingered because someone ran the plate on a faulty database, turned up the name Jerome VanGheluwe (Joel’s father) in Michigan, found that Joel was to get the car for this 16th birthday (in 2010 or 11), and concluded Joel was the guy.

465 posted on 8/12/2017, 5:23:04 PM by cynwoody

You nitpicky stooge of Soros!

To: dragnet2; All
Word on Twitter is the protesters were NOT right wing but Leftist actors consisting of George Soros funded ANTIA-FA and the Anti Defamation league pretending to be Nazis. 

Anyone carrying a NAZI flag is actually a Hillary Clinton supporter and probably voter.


The purpose of the exercise is to bring in marshal(sic) law and ultimately ban conservative gatherings.

This is because the Left is losing the debate in the public arena so they want to silence the conservatives.

491 posted on 8/12/2017, 5:42:45 PM by Enlightened1


To: wastoute
Not looking good right now — current suspect is registered Republican, possibly current or ex-Army. Still early to jump to conclusions though.

540 posted on 8/12/2017, 6:18:13 PM by MrShoop
To: tumblindice


Yeah, I am ashamed. Free republic seems like a nursing home lately.

550 posted on 8/12/2017, 6:33:55 PM by wastoute (Government cannot redistribute wealth. Government can only redistribute poverty.)

If by that you mean “Dementia sufferers who refuse to take their meds, and then piss themselves” – yeah, granted.
To: heights


Get a look at Drudge’s Headline “Make America Hate again”.

Drudge has switched sides.

566 posted on 8/12/2017, 6:41:24 PM by JohnyBoy

To: Crucial
So, to escape the driver drove right into a dense crowd of people…” 

Well, it does say “Dodge” on the front.

575 posted on 8/12/2017, 6:48:00 PM by Does so (The Enlightened Left openly sacrifices “women and children first” on the altar of multiculturalism)
To: dragnet2


So in the end, wasn’t this a Lefty who mistakenly attacked other Lefties?

704 posted on 8/12/2017, 10:18:55 PM by Crucial

Can’t get anything past YOU.
To: dragnet2 

Alex Jones said that the right group was led down a narrow street with no where to escape and that it was a set up.


Soros got his blood

711 posted on 8/12/2017, 10:46:35 PM by cradle of freedom

To: dragnet2; All
Here is the Driver of the car at the same protest today pretending to be a Nazi and “alt right”.These are Anti-Fa pretending to be Nazis that are “Alt Right”

721 posted on 8/13/2017, 12:46:05 AM by Enlightened1
To: dragnet2
Image result for James Alex Fields
730 posted on 8/13/2017, 1:09:10 AM by Enlightened1
The thread kinda peters out after that, for some reason – but the False Flag Flagellants aren’t going down without a fight :
To: lodi90


I watched the video and there’s no doubt that the driver of the car intentionally ran into the protesters. There wasn’t any room for him to navigate through that crowd. If he was actually scared he still wouldn’t have tried to drive through that crowd of people and a vehicle in front of him.

This looks increasingly like a false flag operation by left-wing activists. The actual driver, who may or may not have been the registered owner, probably just didn’t want to go for the maximum body count by driving up on the sidewalk. That’s a sign that the driver is actually a paid operative running a political false flag operation against conservatives and the GOP, because it’s a sign that he wasn’t an angry, impassioned “white nationalist”. Another thing I find odd about this incident is how dispassionate and uninterested the “white nationalists” look in many pictures. They look more like uninterested, paid left-wing activists just doing a job that day for minimum wage.

This who thing has an awful stench of a carefully planned political false flag operation and it needs to be investigated thoroughly by the FBI, which must follow the evidence wherever it leads, even if it leads to high-level democrat political leaders.

754 posted on 8/13/2017, 7:52:00 AM by socialism_stinX (Not only does socialism stink, but when given enough time it wrecks any national economy.)

OK – I’m done.
Later, people.

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  1. The conspiracy runs deep! You just *know* that the accused terror-driver is going to get a swastika tattooed on his forehead while in prison. That’s true dedication to a “false-flag” operation, it is!

  2. Note that Freeper wasteoute goes from liberal “friendly fire” to “FR seems like a nursing home” in a little more than three hours. Those are some slow-firing synapses right there.

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