Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Endless Freepathon edition

Good Monday morning, all!

Well, the Endless Freepathon finally ended on Friday, and there’s only 9 days between the third quarter edition and the fourth quarter edition. At this point, they might as well just leave the damned thing up year-round.

Also, I’m thinking that the final push every quarter that puts them over the top (see what I did there?) is just surrendering and calling it a victory : “Oh well – donations have dried up completely for the last couple of weeks, so let’s color the chart to the end and say we won. At least we’ll be spared the embarrassment of Freepers publicly noting that the beg-a-thon has become a permanent fixture of the site.”

Otherwise, it’s business as usual :

Ellison compares illegal immigrants to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany
The Hill ^ | Josh Delk

Posted on 9/20/2017, 1:50:37 PM by SJackson

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is comparing giving sanctuary to undocumented immigrants in the U.S. to giving shelter to Jews fleeing the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

“And if you ask yourself ‘What would I do if I was a gentile in 1941, if my Jewish neighbors were under attack by the Nazis? Would I give them sanctuary?'” Ellison said Monday in comments on President Trump’s move to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“I’m one of the people who believes we should give our neighbors sanctuary,” he told supporters in Minneapolis, as reported by the NTK Network.

Trump said earlier this month he was ending the Obama-era program, which spares from deportation those who were brought to the U.S. as children. The president, however, has called for a legislative solution and indicated a willingness to work with Democrats on the proposed Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act.


“So this is not someone else’s fight; this is all our fight but some people are in the bull’s eye and others of us are not exactly the target. Therefore, it is our responsibility to stand up and fight and do the right thing,” Ellison said.

1 posted on 9/20/2017, 1:50:37 PM by SJackson
Very first comment?
Thanks so much for your support to this point… I personally apprecaite it…
FReepers, it’s far beyond time to wrap up this FReep-a-thon.  Lets get the job done.  Please chip in.

President Donald J. Trump and the Free Republic of the United States of America
President Donald J. Trump’s address to the United Nations on 09/19/2017.

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…this is a general all-purpose message, and should not be seen as targeting any individual I am responding to…

Just $442.00 dollars and cents to 94.00%

2 posted on 9/20/2017, 1:52:14 PM by DoughtyOne (DACA: Their dream, our nightmare… will the rule of law prevail or not?)
To: SJackson


Keith, you mean like those Jews Roosevelt would not let into the US and sent them back to their deaths?………………

4 posted on 9/20/2017, 1:54:29 PM by Red Badger (Road Rage lasts 5 minutes. Road Rash lasts 5 months!…………………)

Amazing how sensitive these little snowflakes get when racial cleansing is brought up.
Why, in another thread about D.O.G. (Darkies Owning Guns), one Freeper debunks the Nazi connection once and for all :
To: marktwain


Sterilization in inner cites would help as well.

13 posted on 9/20/2017, 3:33:54 PM by maddog55 (After years of trying, you actually can’t fix stupid.)

For more little nuggets of Fascism, read on –

I have GOT to start clearing out some of the older stuff from the stack of toxic waste, so let’s start with – Porn Again!

Cruz blames ‘staffing issue’ for porn video ‘liked’ on his Twitter account CNN ^ | September 12, 2017 | Daniella Diaz Posted on 9/12/2017, 2:03:55 PM by conservative98

Washington (CNN)Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told reporters Tuesday it was a “staffing issue” that led to a pornographic video being “liked” by his Twitter account — which has since been removed.

“It was a staffing issue and it was inadvertent, it was a mistake, it was not a deliberate action,” Cruz said, according to The Washington Post. He added: “We’re dealing with it internally but it was a mistake, it was not malicious conduct.”

An aide to Cruz confirmed the comments to CNN, adding that there would be an internal effort to figure out who was responsible.

Cruz declined to comment when asked by CNN about the incident.

1 posted on 9/12/2017, 2:03:55 PM by conservative98
Wait for it….
To: conservative98



2 posted on 9/12/2017, 2:05:28 PM by faithhopecharity (“Politicans are not born, they’re excreted.” — Marcus Tillius Cicero)

Pics or it didn’t happen.
To: conservative98


He needs to identify the staff person responsible and fire them.

3 posted on 9/12/2017, 2:06:19 PM by Grampa Dave (Did voting for Trump for President, make 62+ million of us into Deplorable Racists/Nazis? NO! NADA!)

Yeah, right.  Still waiting on that one.
To: conservative98


“It was a staffing issue and it was inadvertent,
it was a mistake, it was not a deliberate action,”


….it was not a deliberate action,” ….

It was both a mistake and a deliberate action. It couldn’t
have happened had someone not made the coding.

10 posted on 9/12/2017, 2:11:01 PM by deport

Then – it starts getting silly.
To: Artemis Webb


Depends on the video. If it was Backdoor Sluts 9, it’s pretty serious. Backdoor Sluts 9 makes Crotch Capers 3 look like Naughty Nurses 2.

11 posted on9/12/2017, 2:11:02 PM by henkster (We are living in an Orwellian era.)

To: conservative98


Well Ted needs to get a firm grip on his own staff.

44 posted on 9/12/2017, 2:54:14 PM by montag813 (ue)

Ba Dum Tss.
To: Yaelle


Can’t expect me to read that article. I am now doing a global web research on political porn. I might have my hands full for a while.

77 posted on 9/12/2017, 6:01:57 PM by wgmalabama

Sample post in the thread from a Cruz defender:
To: Tenacious 1
I won’t click on CNN. I am ignorant on how Twitter works. Someone watched a video and then liked it from Ted Cruz Twitter account? Is that what happened?

No. Someone was looking at a porn site and inadvertently (or on purpose) clicked the “Like” button for Twitter. Since it was from a computer where Cruz’s Twitter account was already signed in, it automatically posted the “like” on his Twitter feed.

49 posted on 9/12/2017, 3:00:38 PM by Drew68
And noted…

Lotta gymnastics in the thread. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one.

51 posted on 9/12/2017, 3:04:31 PM by proust (Since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his word.)

Moving on – it’s Don’t make us kill you all!
AMC Developing Series Based On Black Lives Matter Book ‘They Can’t Kill Us All’
Deadline ^ | September 11, 2017 | Nellie Andreeva
Posted on 9/12/2017, 12:04:21 PM by EdnaMode

AMC has put in development a drama based on Wesley Lowery’s bestselling nonfiction book They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a New Era in America’s Racial Justice. It comes from Brad Weston’s Makeready and writer LaToya Morgan (Into the Badlands, Turn: Washington’s Spies).

Published in 2016 by Little, Brown & Company, the book was acquired by Makeready last fall. It examines how decades of racially biased policing in segregated neighborhoods with failing schools, crumbling infrastructure and too few jobs has led to the high-profile cases of police brutality in Ferguson, Cleveland, Baltimore and elsewhere and the birth of Black Lives Matter movement seeking justice for the deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Freddie Gray.

Written by Morgan, who is under an overall deal at AMC, the potential series also will reflect current events and race relations through the stories and voices of fictional characters. Morgan will executive produce with Makeready founder and CEO Weston and creative heads Pam Abdy and Scott Nemes.

More leftist propaganda from Hollywood.
1 posted on 9/12/2017, 12:04:22 PM by EdnaMode
Reaction? First reply?
To: EdnaMode


Don’t make us prove you wrong.

2 posted on 9/12/2017, 12:05:34 PM by TalonDJ

Well, that was depressing.
Time for one more – let’s see…..
Ah – it’s – Running Out Of Places To Shop!

Walmart, Target join call for ‘Dreamer’ legislation Reuters ^ | September 20, 2017 | by Stephen Nellis Posted on 9/20/2017, 4:24:16 PM by Oldeconomybuyer

Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Target Corp and PepsiCo Inc on Wednesday joined an expanded group of nearly 800 companies calling in a letter for U.S. legislation to protect immigrants brought into the country illegally by their parents from deportation, according to organizer

A group of businesses less than half the size and weighted toward technology companies sent a similar letter in August, before President Donald Trump said he would end the program.

Both letters were spearheaded by, a pro-immigration group co-founded by Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg.


We are losing our Republic.
1 posted on 9/20/2017, 4:24:17 PM by Oldeconomybuyer
Actually, you just misplaced it.
Your mind, now – that’s another matter.
To: Oldeconomybuyer


Well, …. Scratch those companies from the weekly shopping trip!

4 posted on 9/20/2017, 4:28:10 PM by EnglishOnly (Fight all out to win OR get out now.)

And of course, there’s only so many Freepers this little place can feed:
That’s enough for one week – see you good people next Monday!

4 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Endless Freepathon edition

  1. Let’s see, $442 will get them from 93.5% of their goal to 94%. $442 divided by 0.005 means this crappy site requires $88,400 every three months to keep going. And none of them think this is a grift?

    1. There is a recurring thread on Free Republic on this very topic.

      It usually happens when the site has one of its regular server failures, then someone begins with a post that goes: “I give too much money to this site for so many technical problems. Come on JRob, get yer thumb outta your butt and fix this!!!!

      That’s when the fun begins, and all the discontent seeps out from the woodwork,

      Here is a recent example:

      But the thing is, these guys need each other more than they need the money. No one else can stand them, their comments are freighted with paranoia and examples of how isolated they are from their families, society.

      There was a comment thread recently chained to a post by one of the Free Republic old guard that revealed just how dependent these guys are upon each other. In response to a news story predicting an end to the age of Old White Men In Charge,, 2ndDivisionVet just out of left field posted a comment about how he is now essentially a shutin with only Free Republic to keep him going and connected. It could have been heartwarming how many of the FReepers jumped on the thread telling him how the valued him and needed him around, except you have to realize that 2ndDivisionVet is the guy who posts about half the content on the site, and this is a support group for crazy.

      1. I amend my last sentence to read, “And none of them think this is a grift badly enough that they’d leave the site?” Yeah, I’m sure you’re right about the mutual dependence of the freeper participants. It may be the only contact many of them have with anyone outside their four walls, so just for the sake of avoiding murderous rampages that end in a hail of police gunfire, it may serve some purpose. And it would be extremely churlish to put a price tag ($29,000 a month) on that.

  2. Isolation does seem to be a common thread.
    Every single thread has one of the repliers commenting on how their wife/children/friends/co-workers are now estranged from them, and gone full commie.
    (Better than their staying in contact, and infecting them with right-wing nutcase disease)

    Also they constantly admit that they no longer listen to or watch any news (even FOX, these days) and only get their “news” from Free Republic.

    I’m waiting for the day that Jimbo croaks, and his son gets to fight everyone for the money.

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