Today on Tommy T’s obsession with the Freeperati – foregone conclusion edition

Well, you knew it would happen :

Witnesses say several people shot at church in Sutherland Springs, Texas
KENS ^ | 11-05-2017

Posted on 11/5/2017, 1:06:48 PM by Az Joe

Multiple witnesses told CBS affiliate KENS that several people were shot at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

Dana Fletcher, a business owner in the area, told CBS News she saw a “ton” of sheriff’s vehicles and ambulances racing down the road. She said she doesn’t know what happened but said there was heavy police presence and people being airlifted from the scene.

1 posted on 11/5/2017, 1:06:48 PM by Az Joe
You know what’s coming, don’t you?
To: Az Joe


The FBI in 2 minutes flat will say NOT terrorist related.

Just something about Aloha snack bars…

2 posted on 11/5/2017, 1:09:33 PM by 2banana (My common ground with terrorists – they want to die for islam and we want to kill them)
To: Enlightened1


He didn’t say anything? Maybe the shooter was “Amish.”

71 posted on 11/5/2017, 1:53:34 PM by Stepan12 (It is Civll War right now..)

Or maybe you’re just an asshole.
To: Sarah Barracuda


Nothing on Drudge yet. The death toll (27) now equals the Sandy Hook shootings. My wife goes to a church just down the street from there (Sandy Hook). No news on the perpetrator from what I’ve been able to gather. I’ve got my suspicions but I’m keeping quiet until some hard information comes out.

78 posted on 11/5/2017, 1:56:56 PM by SamAdams76

That’s mighty white of ya.
Hey – maybe the shooter was DRUDGE????
To: Enlightened1


FB/Twitter: Chris Ward killed his family and then shot up the church and fled. FWIW. What is his MUSLIM name?

95 posted on11/5/2017, 2:02:09 PM by DCBryan1 (No realli, moose bytes can be quite nasti!)

I’m guessing – “Devin Patrick Kelly”.
Those Mooslimes are tricky, aren’t they?
More knees a-jerking after the “read moar”…

To: vooch


How sad for all Americans that our government deteriorated to the point where when something like this happens the prime suspect is our own governmen.

12 posted on 11/5/2017, 1:19:37 PM by Califreak (Take Me Back To Constantinople)

To: vooch
“which rouge(sic) element of our gov’t is responsible for this atrocity ?”
Way too many shootings, islamo-nazis attacks & cop-killings the last 3 years…
I don’t believe in coincidences. The attacks are spaced out and well timed. 

The left & islam are at war with the U.S. They’re trying to bring the country to crisis thru terrorism and violence. Scratch the surface of these attacks and you’ll find Soros and the O’muslim shadow coup.


24 posted on 11/5/2017, 2:00:33 PM by Electric Graffiti(Obama voters killed America...Treat them accordingly.)
Love your sig line.
To: Steve_Seattle
Possibilities: 1. Racial motive?
2. Disgruntled member of congregation?
3. Christian hater/antifa/gay activist?
4. ???

4. Islamic Terrorist / ISIS
5. False Flag (Vegas didn’t work, try again)

179 posted on 11/5/2017, 3:05:32 PM by Jack Black
Shut the fuck up, pinhead.
To: Enlightened1



14 posted on 11/5/2017, 1:24:01 PM by DainBramage

Your FR handle just broke another irony meter.
To: Artemis Webb


We need (his) voter registration ASAP before it’s scrubbed.

196 posted on 11/5/2017, 3:15:55 PM by Tailback

Wait for it….
To: Simon Green


Liberals politicize everything.

36 posted on 11/5/2017, 1:33:34 PM by EdnaMode

To: Enlightened1


FReepers always say that kind of crap would never happen in Texas.

16 posted on 11/5/2017, 1:24:25 PM by Old Yeller (Auto-correct has become my worst enema.)

That’s because they’re stupid.
To: Enlightened1


We hear about church shootings too often. How about an armed guard at the front entrance?

44 posted on 11/5/2017, 1:39:23 PM by Exit148 ((Loose Chnge Club founder) Put yours aside for the next Freepathon!

Great idea! That way he could preemptively shoot down anyone trying to come in with a weapon!
To: knarf


He’s dead Jim. So someone shot him which is why I carry to church.

49 posted on 11/5/2017, 1:41:38 PM by Mercat (I know my redeemer lives.)

Like him.
To: tumblindice


Yup. My church does not know I carry when I attend. They don’t need to. Not their business and I don’t expect them to protect my family. Security is everyone’s business but the element of surprise is good too.

245 posted on 11/5/2017, 4:10:39 PM by Maskot (Put every dem/lib in prison…like yesterday.)

Well, the victims in that church were certainly surprised….
And of course, the shooter’s REAL motivation :
To: thefactor


Deep State getting Donna Brazile OUT of the news cycle.

66 posted on 11/5/2017, 1:51:16 PM by CivilWarBrewing (Get off my back for my usage of CAPS, especially you snowflake males! MAN UP!)

So – this whole Freeper thread was an exercise in foregone conclusions.
Any questions?

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