Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – I scream Cohen edition

Yeesh.  Every time something spectacular happens in Freeperville, it’s usually right after my Monday morning post. And this week was no exception.

Hence – a special Friday morning “Obsession” :

F.B.I. Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen
New York Times. ^ | April 9,2018 | MATT APUZZO

Posted on 4/9/2018, 3:12:01 PM by Hojczyk

The F.B.I. on Monday raided the office of President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, seizing records related to several topics including payments to a pornographic-film actress. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan obtained the search warrant after receiving a referral from the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, according to Mr. Cohen’s lawyer, who called the search “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.” The search does not appear to be directly related to Mr. Mueller’s investigation, but likely resulted from information he had uncovered and gave to prosecutors in New York. “Today the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York executed a series of search warrants and seized the privileged communications between my client, Michael Cohen, and his clients,” said Stephen Ryan, his lawyer. “I have been advised by federal prosecutors that the New York action is, in part, a referral by the Office of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.” Mr. Cohen plays a role in aspects of the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. He also recently said he paid $130,000 to a pornographic-film actress, Stephanie Clifford, who said she had an affair with Mr. Trump. Ms. Clifford is known as Stormy Daniels. Mr. Ryan said Mr. Cohen has cooperated with authorities and turned over thousands of documents to congressional investigators looking into Russian election meddling. The payments to Ms. Clifford are only one of many topics being investigated, according to a person briefed on the search. The F.B.I. also seized emails, tax documents and business records, the person said.

1 posted on 4/9/2018, 3:12:01 PM by Hojczyk
Wait for it……
To: Hojczyk


The Deep State makes its next move.

4 posted on 4/9/2018, 3:12:50 PM by Lurkinanloomin (Natural Born Citizen Means Born Here of Citizen Parents__Know Islam, No Peace-No Islam, Know Peace)

All righty! I’m now one “Tehran John” away from a Bingo!
To: gathersnomoss


Time to fire Mueller, this is nothing more than harassment.

11 posted on 4/9/2018, 3:15:32 PM by outpostinmass2

One little problem with that:
To: All
Can’t wait to see the Qanon-believers, Sundance-supporters, and Gateway-Pundit-guys all coming out of the woodowrk to tell us how this is really a great 4-D chess move by Trump, and that the Military Tribunals will be starting any day now.

Beat me to it.


Like I said, “One little problem with that: ”

Mueller is working hand-in-hand with the New York Attorney General, so it’s not clear that even firing Mueller could stop this investigation.

Andy Cuomo is in the driver’s seat and has the means and intention to bring Trump down.

Simple solution : fire every NY State prosecutor and judge!

Whaddya mean, “he can’t do that” ??

By “means” I include:

  • aggressive, partisan Attorney General
  • all the records from Trump’s lawyers office and home
  • a loving, complicit press
  • a porn star to play a reprise of the Paula Jones role
  • lots of Deep State operatives helping out
  • A Special Counsel to feed him information
  • the FBI willing to lend a helping hand
  • Trump’s associates all under indictment or worried about it.
  • probably transcripts of the NSA intercepts of Trump and his associates.

All-in-all, it’s a powerful arsenal.

Only if you’ve broken the law(s).

Team Trump has no real weapons.

(insert “shooting blanks” joke here)

We pro-Trump observers are waiting patiently for an IG report. But even when that comes it isn’t the same caliber of weapon as what Cuomo and Mueller are firing at Trump.

78 posted on 4/9/2018, 3:55:20 PM by Jack Black

More below the no-knock warrant:

Today, in whataboutism :
To: Fantasywriter

“Jeff, is a backstabbing turncoat.”


87 posted on 4/9/2018, 3:59:28 PM by CivilWarBrewing (Get off my back for my usage of CAPS, especially you snowflake males! MAN UP!)
Love your sig line…
To: Hojczyk


…. Stormie’s Lawyer said last week that Trump saying he didn’t know about the payoff was a “Gift from Heaven.” My guess is they are trying to find evidence that the Evil Trump ordered the payoff.

92 posted on 4/9/2018, 4:02:18 PM by R_Kangel ( “A Nation of Sheep ….. Will Beget ….. a Nation Ruled by Wolves.”)

To: Hojczyk
It is past time for Trump to realize that the mortal threat to him and the Republic is right hear(sic) in DC, not in Syria. Firing Mueller and Rosenstein and the rest of the coup plotters is no longer adequate. Trump needs to have the Marines and the military police raid Mueller’s and Rosenstein’s offices and take them into custody as threats to national security.
Sounds like a great plan – if you’re Stalin.
The deep state intends to remove Trump by any means necessary, so it is time to root out the deep state coup attempt and see who wins in the end. Desperate times and all that. If Trump is truly not charge of the DOJ and the FBI,
Freepers are kinda fuzzy on the whole “Executive, Legislative, and Judicial” thingy, aren’t they?
then he is not the President of all of the US nor the government.
93 posted on 4/9/2018, 4:02:18 PM by Truth29
And you’re just now figuring that out?
Oh – and let’s put the “you can’t curse on Free Republic” thing to bed right now, shall we?
To: Hojczyk


Hillary, Huma, Anthony, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Strzok, Page, Mills, Rice, Obama, Lynch, Power, Lerner, Koskinen, Pagliano, etc???

EFF YOU, FBI, for IGNORING the REAL criminals right in front of your EFFING FACES.

36 posted on 4/9/2018, 3:34:20 PM by CivilWarBrewing (Get off my back for my usage of CAPS, especially you snowflake males! MAN UP!)
Was that as good for you as it was for me?
Of course, we all know whose fault this REALLY is, don’t we?
To: Hojczyk


Spermy Daniels, Russian spy.

101 posted on 4/9/2018, 4:11:18 PM by kiryandil (Never pick a fight with an angry beehive)

I thought  Freepers loved you some Russia spies?
To: TallahasseeConservative


This is more than to embarrass Trump. They’re trying to find some election law violation. If the lawyer did pay her 130K to keep quiet, it could be considered some FEC violation.

110 posted on 4/9/2018, 4:17:03 PM by murron

To: Cementjungle


>Half the country IS that stupid.<<

According to the popular vote count, several million MORE than half are that stupid.

145 posted on4/9/2018, 4:37:43 PM by fortes fortuna juvat ( Who are the idiots who elected this dreadful Pope? They need to unelect him. He is a disgrace.)

And all this time I thought those were the millions of “illegals” who slyly voted for Hillary in all the wrong states?
To: rxsid


All this does is to raise my ire to the point of being mad enough to fight. It was incredibly stupid on their part to go this far. I’m a last straw kind of person — very peaceful and avoiding conflict until I’m pushed too far. And then I go bat s-— crazy.

Somehow, I don’t think it was much of a trip to make.

I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. They brought the fight and it will not end well for them.

164 posted on 4/9/2018, 4:47:16 PM by BelleAl (Proud to be a member of the party of NO! NO more deficit spending and government control!)

You should go to your local FBI office and just start shooting people.  That’ll show them.
To: zeebee








169 posted on 4/9/2018, 4:52:04 PM by Rome2000 (SMASH THE CPUSA-SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS-CLOSE ALL MOSQUES)

To: Kalamata


The liberty tree is waking up and is thirsty

224 posted on 4/9/2018, 5:22:49 PM by ronnie raygun (Trump plays chess the rest are still playing checkers)

Cool.  Go slit your wrists.
To: pugmama


If he doesn’t push back on this, I’m done. If Mueller is not fired, it’s a disgrace. If he doesn’t fight, I’m not going to fight for him. I’m gonna pull up stakes, stock up and quit the political process.

26 posted on 4/9/2018, 3:26:43 PM by TallahasseeConservative (Isaiah 40:31)

Works for me.
To: Wallace T.


Unlike Obama, Trump is opposed by 98% of Congress and about the same percentage of press. They are goading Trump to make a high profile termination so they can trot out the Watergate playbook.

75 posted on 4/9/2018, 3:54:24 PM by Fantasywriter (Any attempt to do forensic work using Internet artifacts is fraught with pitfalls. JoeProbono)

So all of Congress is in on it, too?
To: heights

If Trump goes down, the Republican party is finished. The MFers don’t understand that.

I know they’ll never get my vote again. The Dems can have this shithole…

388 posted on 4/9/2018, 6:59:12 PM by Magnatron
Puerto Rico?
“Q” has been getting a LOT of flack on this thread for not warning the Freeperati, but this post is the best one of the lot :
To: heights; All
Attention all, important new Q-Anon drop just minutes ago!!! Sort this one out, fast, it is the most important one ever.
Q !bow-wowAT4Z3VQ 04/09/18 (Mon) 21:05:14 c0482a No.999325
Developing Coup plot.
Plan Trump sabotage 2016.
Stormy Daniels in charge of all.
Mueller her puppet.
Mueller arrested tonight.
Entire Mueller team in GITMO.
Stormy Daniels has fled country.
Sessions planned counter-coup.
Plotters all in chains tonight.
Torture and Executions.
Stormy Daniels loses fake boobs.
Enjoy the show.


440 posted on 4/9/2018, 8:22:10 PM by Enchante (FusionGPS “dirty dossier” scandal links Hillary, FBI, CIA, Dept of Justice… “Deep State” is real)

Of course, the Qfreepers are immune to parody :
To: Enchante


Feathers on bulls would be more realistic than to believe that CRAP.

444 posted on 4/9/2018, 8:32:20 PM by MHGinTN (A dispensational perspective is a powerful tool for discernment)



um, yeah, that’s my point…. I hope you didn’t think it was serious. Although with all the Q nonsense that’s gone before, I suppose it’s beyond parody.

446 posted on 4/9/2018, 8:34:47 PM by Enchante (FusionGPS “dirty dossier” scandal links Hillary, FBI, CIA, Dept of Justice… “Deep State” is real)

To: Enchante; All



451 posted on 4/9/2018, 8:52:02 PM by Enlightened1

To: Enlightened1


wow, I was right, Q-Anon really is beyond parody.

If it was not obvious that it was a parody post then it is hard to reach a point of parody with this Q-anon nonsense.

452 posted on 4/9/2018, 8:57:18 PM by Enchante (FusionGPS “dirty dossier” scandal links Hillary, FBI, CIA, Dept of Justice… “Deep State” is real)

To: Enchante


If Q’s predictions were wrong, then Q would not have a following. Q been right over and over again. I am sorry if you don’t understand that.

Perhaps it’s an indication that your brain has inflammation from the foods you eat? People with brain inflammation have cognitive trouble processing information that require a little bit of thinking. That may be the case and explain why you really believe what you say.

Nevertheless, having a conniption fit over something you don’t believe in…. sort of like the Easter Bunny… Well that tells me you are troll. If you don’t believe, then why are you motivated to destroy it? Live and live instead of being a control freak.

It’s okay to disagree, but don’t post fake posts.

457 posted on 4/9/2018, 9:08:39 PM by Enlightened1

To: Enlightened1


I have yet to see a single legitimate “prediction” made by “Q-Anon” before an event. Vague prophecies, shifting timeframes, spurious photos, and post-hoc claims don’t count.

I’m not trying to “destroy” anything, I have not the time or inclination to engage in this Q-world.

If you can’t enjoy a tiny bit of fun then maybe it is your brain that is suffering inflammation. Mine is doing just fine, thanks.

459 posted on 4/9/2018, 9:13:07 PM by Enchante (FusionGPS “dirty dossier” scandal links Hillary, FBI, CIA, Dept of Justice… “Deep State” is real)

Hold it! HOLD IT !!!
I’m getting a reply directly from “Q” control central.
“Q” – are you full of shit as a Christmas turkey??
To: Fantasywriter


The person who approved the raid on Michael Cohen’s office is the Interim U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey S. Berman. May 5th is the deadline for Berman to be nominated by President Trump as the permanent U.S. Attorney. Berman was Rudy Guiliani’s law partner before Jeff Sessions chose him to be Interim U.S. Attorney. It will be interesting to see if the president still wants him after this raid.

472 posted on 4/9/2018, 10:07:02 PM by Nero Germanicus

Can Trump fire a State D.A.?
Asking for a friend.
To: Nero Germanicus


That is weird. Another swamp thing, or is there something fishy about Michael Cohen?

474 posted on 4/9/2018, 10:21:43 PM by madison10 (Pray for President Trump.)

And lastly, the exchange of the thread!!
To: pugmama; All


You mean we might actually have the opportunity to learn what is in the Trump tax documents that unlike other presidents he won’t show.

475 posted on 4/9/2018, 10:24:29 PM by gleeaikin

To: gleeaikin


“You mean we might actually have the opportunity to learn what is in the Trump tax documents that unlike other presidents he won’t show.”


477 posted on 4/9/2018, 10:34:17 PM by heights

Go Fund You?
Get Fine Yarbles?
Great Flying Yentas?
And they haven’t even started drinking yet.
See you good people a week from next Monday (my penance for jumping line).

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    Future historians will thank you, after the Moronpocolyse, currently underway.

    1. Indeed. Any day with a Tommy T post is a good day. Suggested nickname for the Freeperati convinced that Q-Anon is an oracle: Queeferati.

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