One Hundred Fifty Days

And then the rest of our lives, ladies and motherfuckers. The rest of our lives.

… Republicans have, at best, continued to stand by and allow Trump to undermine and obstruct the FBI. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan acknowledged, on Wednesday, that there is no evidence to support Trump’s spying lies, but at a press conference Thursday, still defended the sham “oversight” that has been used to try and out a legitimate FBI informant.

Trump’s abuses of power are frightening, but they would not be possible without the complicity of Republicans in Congress.

One hundred and fifty days and then I don’t want to hear anymore about how you just weren’t excited to vote for the Democrat you had the chance to vote for, they didn’t tickle your liberal fancy just right, the fucking earth is caving in so either get over yourself and show up for your immigrant, minority, gay, trans brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus or get the fuck off my Internet.

These elections are the only things that matter now. You and I can follow the twists and turns of the Mueller investigation until we have degrees in Internet Lawyering, and we can shield our eyes in horror from the latest Trump idiocy and we can stockpile dry goods for the coming post-apocalyptic hellscape but there’s really only one thing we can do, right now, today.

And that’s register as many people to vote as we possibly can. Because that’s the only thing that can stop it.

The courts can’t. They’ve been stacked since Reagan while liberals have been worried about being mean by Borking every regressive Republicans put up. Mueller can’t, either, not really. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are not going to impeach and try Donald Trump no matter what Mueller finds.

Don’t even bring up media, I’ve said what Imma say about the omnipresence of Fox and the alternate reality it nurtures. No story in the Post is going to shame anyone involved here.

The only way to stop this is to vote in as many Democrats as possible.

Yeah, some of them will be shitty Blue Dog middle-of-the-road corporatists, but what you forget when you decry that is that the only thing giving the Manchins of the world their power is the lack of Dems in general in Congress. If all of a sudden there are twice as many Democrats, the three pains in the ass we’re always worried about don’t matter anymore because we don’t need them to get shit done. Looking at you, Heitkamp.

People keep warning about “outrage fatigue” and I thought at first that’s what I had, but what I really have is a lack of giving a shit about the latest dumbass thing the administration does because we need to focus on November and only November. Vote. For anything with a D after its name or anything committed to caucusing with them. I don’t care if you don’t love them. I don’t care if you don’t think they have a message or they aren’t jerking you off on your pet issue. Vote. Straight ticket. Everywhere, every time.

We’re seeing the apotheosis of “maybe things need to get worse before they get better” and I can’t even say they can’t get worse because the universe can hear me, and the only way to make things better at all, bless Mueller’s holy name, is to vote.


9 thoughts on “One Hundred Fifty Days

  1. Amen, Sister A.
    We’re not grading these folks on some high-fallutin’ 0-100 score and then ranking our “likes”. It’s all Pass-Fail now. Anybody with “(R)” = Fail.

  2. Clinton was the wrong candidate, period. Democrats rejected her in 2008. Then Trump appealed to the racist majority. It was the perfect storm of a populist racist, misogynist candidate v. A washed-up, unlikeable Democrat of the past.

    1. No. No no no. This is EXACTLY what A. means. Trump LOST the effing popular vote, by MILLIONS. There was indeed a perfect storm, of propaganda and gerrymandering and foreign interference and, yes, misogyny and racism, but what turned the tide was a focused 70,000 votes and the failure of the Electoral College to do its job. Mre people liked Clinton just fine. The game was rigged. Our job now is to get out as many votes as possible, to overwhelm the rigging.

    2. Mister Sterling, you are so full of bullshit you look like Trump’s melting face.
      YOU LIE.
      Take your Bernie broflake self off.

  3. My wife and I were having this conversation yesterday, and your cri de coeur states the issue so well.

    Nonetheless, do you ever feel like your merely the proverbial falling tree in a forest that no one hears? I witness Mister Sterling’s reply and don’t think he heard you at all. Did Hillary have “Democrat” after her name on the ballot? If so, then she wasn’t the wrong candidate. The “populist racist, misogynist candidate” was. You’re talking about the upcoming midterms and get slapped with cold fish of “what about Hillary?”

    It’s enough to transform me into the Chez Louis Maitre D and “weep for the future.”

  4. Hand wringing Republicans, tsk tsking and feigning disbeleif Whatever the fuck about that. This isn’t 2016. This isn’t about giving the statesmen with an R after their name the ‘benefit of the doubt’. This is no longer hypothetical, that ‘someone might vote for a Supreme Court Justice years from now maybe but roe vs wade is safe as houses’…

    This isn’t about fiscally conservative republicans keeping someone with a D after their name from helping someone with your tax dollars you don’t like the looks of, or think hasn’t tried hard enough, or might be working the system. If you have been paying attention the ONLY thing that can stop them is to utterly defeat them in the polls, isolate them for the acts they have committed IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. To US!

    Because if you have simply stood by silently as a Republican in ANY office as this Holy Hell scape that this Administration is has lifted spite, intolerance, hatred and stupidity so as to become NORMAL PARTY POLICY and a thing of pride. You have squandered your right to claim after the fact that you wanted to modify and dampen this horror and lost your frigging soul waiting for the President to , I don’t know what, Pivot? Waiting for some White House Staffer to mitigate the Crazy so you don’t have to get your hair mussed?

    You have taken the power and influence you could have waged even in a token act of defiance and lit it on fire. Olympia Snow types need to understand that when it mattered most they FAILED as AMERICANS let alone as statesmen, as representatives who actually give a shit about the citizens of their state that didn’t vote for their party. And please understand I am not attributing anything to the individuals in the Senate and House as people…it is their demonstrable cowardice, their blind ignorance to the Administrations intention and their willingness to support an Administration that demonstrates DAILY that it is unfit to serve in any capacity let alone wield the absolute power it gets when you roll over and chose your precious tiny pet item on the Republican agenda and/or cower in the wings because the likes of Dana Fucking Loesch may say mean things about you. FUCK HER and the horse she came in on.. You abdicate your duty to defend the Constitution and your fellow citizens at a COST.

    Trump Republicns are openly proud of their racism, their homophobia, their disdain for women and their fetish for guns and whack job conspiracy theorists. You have already acquiesced to their agenda with your silence.

    And as you have said so often A, if during the mid terms the majority of folks either vote to keep them in, or don’t vote, allowing them to stay in ,then it won’t be for lack of a fight. As non facists, 2016 was kinda like our Parkland…and we need to be like those kids: suit up, stand up and never shut up. Period.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with every single point you make. The GOP has sold their collective souls and are hopelessly in bed with Chump. We must vote as many out of office as possible.

  6. We ran the most well-prepared candidate available. We ran on a policy of inclusion. We ran an articulate, eloquent, well-versed candidate who had done an outstanding job in the Senate and as SecState and had been a fine FLOTUS 20 years before that.

    They ran Trump, the draft-dodging lying worker-cheating so-called bigshot with the poor little alien lifeform stuck in a legtrap glued atop his ugly skull. They played to the assholes who bought those never-to-be-damned enough “She’s a cunt vote for trump” shirts and wore them like they were something to be proud of, the louts. They played to the fear. They played to the Fauxxe Noizze cadre. They FUCKED our nation, and they’re still doing it.

    They ran him on a policy of exclusion. No Muslims. No blacks, no Mexicans, no LGBTQ folks, no women. Put ’em all in their place, the nasty uppity lesser-thans, teach ’em the lesson they’ve gotta learn: WASP Men rock, everybody else gets to suck it.

    They lost. They lost by more than 2.5 million votes. They lost to the woman they called nasty. They lost to the gray-haired, affable Virginia Senator who spoke Spanish fluently. They lost, and they took power anyway because the gutless wonders in the Senate and House who should have, again like with the Gore V Bush election in 2000, refused to accept the crooked results of cooked books and hacked machines and gerrymandered districts and purged rolls, again behaved with decorum instead of determination, with politesse instead of puissance.

    And the TV ate it up, and couldn’t get enough of this “paradigm-changer,” this “outside-the-box thinker.”

    This lying cheating conscienceless thoughtless serial adulterer, this neglectful parent, this sextuply-bankrupt ‘dealmaker,” this draft-dodging weak-willed sad-game con artist, got BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF FREE ADS from the so-called news media in the runup to the vote. He’s still getting it. They cover him regardless of what else is happening in the world, from terrorist attacks to hundreds of children kidnapped by the government to volcanoes.


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