“I Alone Can Fix It”


First, hurricanes suck, period. Death, destruction, displacement…Even if your losses aren’t catastrophic, you have to deal with all sorts of headaches: power outages, the never-ending search for food, water, gasoline; any savings you had gets flushed away…so, no lie, I’d actually prefer Trump’s emergency response to be at least minimally competent. You don’t wish this disaster on anyone — and it will be a disaster, even as the storm is getting a bit, emphasis on a bit, less destructive.

But good god, if Trump thinks Puerto Rico was a success, that’s a bar set so low you need a back hoe to pull it out of the ground. No, it’s more typical Trump: compulsive lying with a sort of implied threat to do — what? bark/howl, call you a pathetic nickname? — if called on his obvious lie? What the hell was the assembled press doing when Trump lauded himself? Shouldn’t the reaction have been some sort of derisive grunt if not an actual exclamation along the lines of what-the-fuck, seriously, what-the-fuck? Trump lies because he’s a compulsive liar and because he thinks he can, because he does, and because there’s no push back. This isn’t politics/the librul media. It’s pointing out the goddamned obvious.

Do you think Obama could’ve gotten away with something so blatantly untruthful? Even Bush Junior’s heckuva job became a punchline.

But the media puts its collective head in the sand, or reacts with both sides/opinions differ. In the meantime…lets hope for the best along the Atlantic coast. As I said, if Trump’s response is minimally or even significantly competent, for whatever reason, I won’t complain, because it’s minimally human to not want this to happen to anyone.