The Kavanaugh Mess: Susan Collins Is Horrible

I lasted for 2/3 of Collins’ speech and couldn’t take any more. It was not the speech of someone who agonized over her vote; except for lip service to Roe, it was a speech Senators Cornhole or Graslley could have given. She sounded like Kavanaugh’s floor manager instead of a reluctant yes.

It’s high time for the MSM to stop calling Collins a moderate. She’s a conservative and always has been one. Enough.

Kavanaugh will be confirmed tomorrow but the mess isn’t over. It’s time to take the fight to the hustings and get our voters ready to turn out in massive numbers.  I eagerly await the many investigations the House will unleash on the GOP; one of which should be about the Kavanaugh mess.

Repeat after me: Susan Collins is horrible.

7 thoughts on “The Kavanaugh Mess: Susan Collins Is Horrible

  1. Me too. You’re not alone. Trump turns everything to shit. It’s the Court;s turn.

    1. Hahahah yeah turns everything to shit, the country is in the best position it has been in for decades lol.

      Just whiney, emotional retarded teenagers ruining America at the moment.

      Ford is a liar, and if you were stupid/gullible enough to believe any of that garbage then you do not have the intelligence to cast a meaningful vote.

      Please just stay at home.

  2. 2/3 of her speech was about 2/3 longer than I could stand. Ugh.

    Disappointing, but not surprising. Yes, Collins was/is moderate only because the media, in their neverending search for a Republican Hero, anointed her as one.

    1. 43 minutes?! Everyone is the hero of their own story, but Jesus, that takes some serious glue-huffing to take seriously.

  3. In my fantasies, when Susan Rice runs against her, the campaign would make thousands of t-shirts that copy the WSJ headline – Susan Collins Consented. Then I calm down and remember that it would be unacceptable for decent people to use a rape joke against any woman.

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