Real Antifa

It’s almost like everything Fox says is wrong: 

“I think pretty much everything is overlooked except fighting and doxxing,” Spencer Sunshine, an activist who does counter-organizing against the far right, tells me. “There is a huge amount of other work that people can – and do – do! Some of these actions include removing fascist propaganda, making anti-racist flyers and stickers, doing educational work about white nationalist organizing, raising money and doing direct support for imprisoned anti-fascist activists, aiding the victims of far-right violence, holding memorial events for murder victims and genocides, and pressuring local businesses to refuse to allow fascists to use their space.”

Of all the horrors of the past 2 years (holy hell, how has it been 2 years), the most incomprehensible to me has been the general mainstream suburban white opinion that those who fight Nazis are somehow wrong or gauche or something.


3 thoughts on “Real Antifa

  1. First there were “Premature Anti-Fascists”
    Then there was “Anti-Fascists”
    Then there was “Dead Fascists”
    Now there are “Fascists”

    Can we play the LP backwards and hear how it sounds?

  2. It’s quite simple really. Have somebody ask anyone if they are anti fascist. Of course any negative or waffling answer should then be countered with ‘then your pro fascist?’

    Of course conservatives are pro fascist now but being pussies won’t quite admit it. As an old man I’ve waited for Democrats to explicitly say they are anti fascist for 50 years, and they never do. Everything else is just fluff.

    History has been whitewashed as Republicans and large swaths of populists were pro European fascism right up until the minute Germany declared war on the US. While FDR specifically declared WWII a war against fascism huge swaths of the WASP elites and the GOP were never anti fascist. However it is universally accepted among our chattering classes and huge swaths of the Democratic establishment to assume American is fundamentally anti fascist. In reality fascism was born in America and fascism is American as apple pie.

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