At Least We Were Spared The Otherwise Blameless Life Nonsense


OK, Manafort’s prison sentence was doubled, and as a bonus, New York State filed charges that are beyond Trump’s pardon power, so he’ll be wearing jumpsuits for a while.

And this is still early on. We have no idea where this ends.

Which is why, to change the subject a bit, I was disappointed to hear Nancy Pelosi flat out reject impeachment earlier this week. Sure, you don’t want to jump off the cliff, but neither do you want to bring a white flag to a gun fight. She’s worried about dividing the country? The country is already divided — on one side you’ve got the downward spiral of a major political party into a cabal of utter dirtbags without the slightest sense of anything approaching a rule-of-law mentality, while on the other side, there’s…who?

Show some spine: if Trump commits impeachable offenses, impeach. If the idiot Repugs (I repeat myself) refuse to convict, use it against them.

They. Are. Crooks.

2 thoughts on “At Least We Were Spared The Otherwise Blameless Life Nonsense

  1. Sadly, far too many delusional, mean-spirited Americans continue to cling to Trump and the spineless GOP, few if any of whom will EVER turn on him, no matter how much shit and mayhem he continues to cause. I’ve come to believe that bringing impeachment proceedings against Trump will only result in damaging Democrats, and send voters running back into the arms of the GOP.

    1. I get what you’re saying — yeah, there are plenty of awful MAGAotts, but I think they’re still outvoted or at least out represented by people who, well, aren’t. Trump’s only real unique achievement was to “win” the EC vote with the largest actual vote deficit in history (JQA probably had a lower percentage in 1824, but Jackson didn’t get a majority of EC votes)…anyway, just me, but I think Trump is a historically weak president. The midterms would’ve been even worse but for voter suppression and gerrymandering. He and the GOP think they can bully their way through, but I think bullies are best dealt with by standing up to them. Oh, and Democrats should stop apologizing for being Democrats. I think AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Katie Porter are fantastic, and look forward to more Democratic politicians like them…

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