What Can You Do?

Children are dying in our camps: 

The purpose of the quote, from the commissioner’s point of view, was to establish that the Border Patrol has no choice about this. There are too many migrants for the existing system, at existing funding levels, to detain the children in safe, uncrowded conditions.

What Sanders was describing, however, was a choice. If the law requires the Border Patrol to detain migrants in safe and clean conditions, and if it is impossible to provide safe and clean conditions with current funding and current facilities, then the Border Patrol can let the migrants go.

The law that says the migrants must be detained is no more binding than the law that says people must be kept in humane conditions. The question is which part of the law the Border Patrol will ignore: the part of the law that is killing children, or the part of the law that would allow the children to live.

Before we begin: No, Democrats are NOT complicit in this for not stopping it, they are NOT just as bad as Trump for not stopping it. That’s some hysterical victim-blaming bullshit designed to stoke “no difference between the parties” nonsense in advance of the election and I’m seeing way too many smart people falling for it and repeating it online. Knock it off. If you think for one hot second President Hillary would be building kiddie concentration camps at the border you need all kitchen implements removed from your vicinity immediately. For your own safety. Butter knives included.


Not enough is being done to stop this.

I don’t mean impeachment. I mean STOPPING THIS.

I mean, what can honestly be done? Can you barricade the doors? This is state-sponsored murder and you are the state, can you walk up to the guards who are holding rifles and stand there until they stand down? Can you pull a Tiananmen Square? How does any of this work? We know where most of these facilities are, where the children are. What would it take to free them?

We muster the might of nations for a baby fallen down a well, for miners trapped in a cave, we have round-the-clock coverage and infographics and analyses and everyone thinks, what can I do to help? And we can’t get these children out of their child prison camp and settle them with their families? What would it take? A march? A barricade? Another thousand thousand lawsuits? How do you get the children out before more of them die? Before all of them die?

Maybe there is no way, but I refuse. I refuse to believe there’s no way. “There’s no way” is something you say when you don’t want to do anything and we can’t not want to do anything.

I don’t know if any of that would work. I don’t know how much of that is even legal. And I don’t fucking much care either way because holding hearings and passing bills and talking to people about health care is not ending the goddamn child concentration camps where baby prisoners live in filth.

The Republican obstruction of the past 15 years has had the effect of conditioning us to expect that nothing will be done about anything. The GOP domination of the news has made us used to the idea that government is bad and dumb and broken and can’t address problems it is specifically designed to address. We’ve come to expect paralysis from one another and so we’ve come to excuse it in ourselves: There’s nothing we could do.

Except that’s almost never really true.

There’s nothing we could do without inconveniencing ourselves. There’s nothing we could do without upsetting someone. There’s nothing we could do without potentially doing the wrong thing, or getting in over our heads, or etc etc etc. But there’s always something. As long as we’re alive there’s something.

So what is it? What’s the thing that will stop this not in 8 months when the number of dead children doubles but right now today? And then can we yell at Democrats until they do that thing? I’ve got stacks of blank postcards, let’s go.


3 thoughts on “What Can You Do?

  1. There is marching, protesting. They are doing a good job of this in Hong Kong. How about on the 4th of July, during the partisan rally the pres has planned for DC?

  2. So, stop it.

    Report them to the state CPS. File missing persons/kidnapping/abuse reports with the local, state and federal authorities. Use the tip-lines. That is what they are there for.
    Call the ASPCA. Call the state Ag. Departments and Inspectors offices – file animal abuse, pitfighting and neglect complaints – they can gain access to search.
    File Amber Alerts. These children have been abducted and are being held.
    Call Amnesty International. Call the UN. Call Doctors WIthout Borders. Call the Mexican embassy and local consulates.

    Find a journalist who needs a byline.

    Call Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Not joking. We need celebrities.

    Paper the individual ‘officers” home neighborhoods with flyers and posters about their work in the concentration camps. Give them no peace. Follow them. Record them. Expose them.
    Show up at the camps. Picket and block access. Record video and post. Identify and shame.
    Deny and Refuse service to ICE, Border Patrol and other offices/employees – as well as all vendors.

    Call the Senate and House, – in D.C. and Austin, Phoenix, Sacremento and Santa Fe. Call the Governors. Call the candidates. Record the calls, and publish the responses. Call the Dems and Republicans. Record the calls. Publish the responses. Deny service, boycott, recruit.

    Many of these things can be done from Madison, WI or Seattle, WA.

    Just stop it.

    In Solidarity,


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