2020 Prequel?


Apologies for a short post, and one without links. However, I’m on a long overdue vacation and, um, pretty far away, with at times limited internet.

The guy in the foreground is David Vitter. Louisianians rejected his bid to be governor in 2015, but made him a Senator/Sinator in 2004 and in 2010, even after Mr. Family values proved to be more Mr. Moral Relativism.

His major re-election strategy in 2010 was insisting, without any evidence, that Loosiana [sic] was overrun by illegal immigrant hordes. Hordes that looked a lot like the refugees DJT is abusing.

I’m not a betting person, but I’d put money on Trump taking his manufactured crisis and playing a strategy of “they’re overwhelming us at the border.” The concentration camps become a feature, not a bug, and help create that impression.

Sick, depraved, appalling? Yep. But that’s Donald Trump…oh, and the entire GOP. A feature, not a bug…and a tradition.

Again, apologies for no link. I’ll be back to more normal stuff next week. Cheers.