Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Button-Down Mind Of Bob Newhart

The Button-Down Mind Of Bob Newhart was a sensation when it was released in 1960. It firmly established Bob Newhart as one of comedy’s bright lights. It also won Newhart several Grammys.

The cover is not terribly distinguished. I’m mostly posting it because of the title. Bob Newhart is not the only one with a button-down mind. That describes Robert Muller as well. I’m not even sure if he loosens his tie before going to bed. I’m going to spend my day watching Bobby Three Sticks’ testimony and I’ll report back to y’all. Here’s hoping Gym Jordan says something that provokes the former head Feeb.

Dig the crazy diagram of Bob’s mind:

Here’s the opening track of the LP; much of which is unavailable on the YouTube.


3 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: The Button-Down Mind Of Bob Newhart

  1. My dad had a copy of this on LP back in the day. It was formative in my sense of humor along with Monty Python and the Young Ones. I found a copy of it in a used CD bin for $1.00 the other day. It’s still great.

  2. joel hanes says:

    Hi Bob

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