Saturday Odds & Sods: The Best Of Adrastos 2019

I tried but failed to make this a shorter list.  2019 was a good year for satire and bad year for the country. Hence another Top Fifty list. What can I tell ya? It’s the age of excess.

I put the three Donald Trump Is series posts together at the end of the list. They belong together, what’s a stool without one of its legs?

I give you in chronological order the Best of Adrastos, 2019.

1/03/19: The Wind Cries Willard

1/14/19: The Fog Of Scandal: Worst Case Scenario

1/23/19: Rudy: Confusion Will Be My Epitaph

2/04/19: The Northam Minstrelsy Mess

2/09/19: Saturday Odds & Sods: Fly Like An Eagle

2/11/19: Horrible Bosses

2/20/19: Malaka Of The Week: Goodloe Sutton

3/14/19: Beto’s Big Getaway

3/21/19: Kabuki Feuding

3/26/19: Never Give A Sucker An Even Break

4/03/19: Today On Adrastos’ Obsession With Robert Caro

4/15/19: Axis Of Assholes

4/20/19:  Saturday Odds & Sods: Without You

4/25/19:  Great White Hopes Or Killer Bees?

5/13/19: Memories Of The Muskie Administration

5/29/19: Malaka Of The Week: Megan McCain

5/30/19: Courage

6/01/19: Saturday Odds & Sods: Wooden Ships

6/05/19: Adrastos: Elizabeth Warren For President

6/07/19: Dr. John, R.I.P. 

6/14/19: Della Street, R.I.P.

6/29/19: Saturday Odds & Sods: The Monkey Speaks His Mind

7/06/19: Saturday Odds & Sods: America

7/11/19: The Fog Of History: 1992

7/23/19: Art Neville, R.I.P.

8/09/19: Trumpism Is Hatriotism

8/10/19: Saturday Odds & Sods: Meet On The Ledge

8/16/19: Friday Throwback Catblogging: Cat Hat

8/16/09: President* Pennywise

9/06/19: Drew Brees Agonistes

9/14/19: Saturday Odds & Sods: Dark Star

9/25/19: Impeachment: Where Are We Going Where Have We Been?

9/27/19: Whistleblowin’ In The Wind

10/05/19: Saturday Odds & Sods: You Win Again

10/10/19: The NBA’s Chicom Sitcom

10/21/19: Talking Turkey

10/28/19: The Sound Of Boobirds

11/06/19: Jim Jordan To The Rescue

11/18/19:  Gret Stet Goober Race Wrap Up

11/23/19: Saturday Odds & Sods: Behind The Wall Of Sleep

11/27/19: Rex Meets The Greek Pretender

11/29/19: Waiting For The Spank Electrician

12/02/19:  It’s A Plame Shame

12/06/19: 2020 Candidates In A Word

12/12/19: Sound Of Lies

12/16/19: Regular Order, Irregular Times

The Donald Trump Is Series:

7/17/19: Donald Trump Is A Racist

8/26/19:  Donald Trump Is Mentally Ill

12/04/19: Donald Trump Is A Misogynist

What’s an Odds & Sods post without some music? Here’s the Chairman of the Board with a fitting song:

I might as well let Frank have the last word. He’d insist: