Coming Attractions


On Tuesday, Moscow Mitch — who hates being called Moscow Mitch — anyway, Moscow Mitch was so determined to display how thoroughly zombified his caucus is that he earned a new nickname from Carl Bernstein…while his zombie caucus stumbled and shuffled across the floor of the chamber, dutifully doing as they were told in vote after vote.

Yesterday they did the same as the House Democratic Managers presented a devastating case.

Today will be no different.

The final vote, when it comes, will be Democrats on one side, Zombies (Zomblicans?) slowly shuffling around on the other.

DJT will proclaim it the greatest victory ever, far surpassing the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Which means that, while impeachment definitely will leave a mark, Trumpism — which is now the entire GOP — can only be defeated at the ballot box.

And even then, it will continue to shuffle around, undead, looking for brains to consume…

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