Tuesday Catblogging

Adrastos said I should do this so here you go, here is our dumbass, here is the biggest lard on earth, all he does is flop around and whine for pets and playtime like a fucken dog. Like I am eating breakfast and he drags the half-dismembered feather stick toy over and drops it on my feet and nudges my knee and then puts his paws up on my lap and then if I STILL don’t pay attention BECAUSE I’M EATING BREAKFAST YOU DUMB HAMBONE he starts to meow.


He almost never meows. His sister screams at us from dawn til dusk but he is quiet unless he’s very angry (growling) or very needy (playtime while I’m TRYING TO DRINK MY GODDAMN COFFEE IN PEACE).

If’en I wanted a damn dog I would have got a dog. I got some cats because they would ignore me most of the time, not because I needed two more things in my house that would pester me for attention.

I give up and throw his stupid stick for him to fetch every time, though, because look at his dumb lard face. Every night around 9:30 he comes over to the couch and flops himself on me like he’s just had a hard day at work and needs a beer, and he purrs and purrs and purrs.



5 thoughts on “Tuesday Catblogging

  1. You didn’t get cats, the cats got you. And look sharp about it, the annual performance review is coming up.

  2. How can you not love a face like that? BTW I have three whiners like that. Always bitching at me about something or another, they all have their own axes to grind, constantly, 24/7. Someone said something to me about sleep apnea, I said no, I have cat apnea. But hey … that’s love in their world. So I tell myself.

  3. I have a similar situation. I call Prester Bob (when he was a kitten I had to explore for him) my Jack Russell felinier.

  4. yep…have two like that…thx for sharing, and yes, mine act like my sisters dog too…just smaller….sigh

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