At The Omaha Rally

OK, that might be Photoshopped a little, but it does capture a bit (or more) of the zeitgeist

Hundreds of people who attended President Donald Trump’s rally Tuesday evening at Eppley Airfield spent up to three hours in freezing temperatures waiting for buses to take them back to their cars.

Officer Michael Pecha, an Omaha Police Department spokesman, said 30 people received medical attention and seven were taken to area hospitals with various medical conditions.

And just wait for the spike in covfefe, um, I mean covid cases.

No word on whether the cult faithful were urged to drink the Kool Aid.

But it did get me thinking…what would DJT do to keep himself in office?

Obviously freeze and/or infect someone with a potentially deadly disease.

Punch a guy in the face?

Certainly…though only if the guy being punched couldn’t hit back, because that’s how bullies like Trump work.

Disown his kids? I’d guess yeah, except for Ivanka, and, ugh, I don’t even want to think why he wouldn’t disown her.

For sure he’d throw sand in the gears of anything and everything, including the postal service, which, amazingly, the press is covering as a normal news story, and not an outrage.

Same with the overt attempts to suppress voters. This isn’t a both-sides-we-report-you-decide issue. It’s a deliberate subversion of representative democracy.

And…watch, if Trump is losing on election night, he and the GOP will turn on a dime re: mail in ballots…and the elite media will act as if that’s completely normal.

The memory hole is alive and well.