Help Me Make It Through The Night


This week’s entry is one of the most recorded songs of the post-Rat Pack era. According to the indespenaible site, Second Hand Songs, it’s been recorded 344 times thus far.

Kris Kristofferson wrote and recorded Help Me Make It Through The Night in 1969. The first big hit version was recorded by Sammi Smith in 1970 but I’m skipping it because there are so many more interesting interpretations. Kristofferson’s lyrics and melody lend themselves to a variety of genres from country to soul to rock to pop to folk.

We begin with the songwriter’s original studio version:

Soul singer Percy Sledge recorded one of the earliest versions of the song:

The great country torch singer Kitty Wells also cut an early cover:

The folks at Motown knew a great ballad when they heard one:

Next up is Friday Cocktail Hour regular Bryan Ferry:

All of those versions were recorded in the 1970’s. Let’s do a time jump to 1999 with New Orleans’ own Davell Crawford:

The 21st Century is represented by X’s John Doe:

What’s a Friday Cocktail Hour without a jazz instrumental version?

I hope this week’s entry will help you make it through this and many more nights. It’s time to raise your glass and toast the end of another week. It’s what Bogie, Betty and Frank would want. Never argue with them.