There was the Square Deal, the New Deal, the Fair Deal…why not the Big F***ing Deal?

OK, Biden’s demanding decency, so effing is out, and I dunno, with the obscenity of the last four years, maybe a little decency is a refreshing alternative for now.

But I’d still argue The Big (Effing) Deal is something to consider.

And anyone who spent the last four plus years enabling Orange Narcissus that takes to clutching pearls or lurching to the fainting couch can fuck off.

If nothing else, there’s no longer an official imprimatur of, name it, xenophobia, overt racism, white supremacy, the use of the big lie as a means of political control…the Trumpification of the Executive Branch. (And let’s not forget that the previous Bush Junior/Dick.Cheney regime wasn’t exactly a modern day Era of Good Feelings.)

Trump Steaks. Trump Wine. Trump Republicanism.

That’s not to say Trumpism is gone.

The MAGA minions/MAGA millions (possible inspiration for a future Photoshop, I’m thinking along the lines of the ultimate losing lottery ticket); anyway, the MAGAts are still around.

Trump, loathe as I am to admit it, could re-emerge like a horror movie villain.

And if he doesn’t, MAGA maestro wannabees like Cruz or Hawley are ready, even eager, to be the next wingnut Nosferatu.

But, for the moment, it’s, if not nice, a relief. The last four years were exhausting.

So, a cause for celebrating.

Oh, one more thing…this idiot is smiling

There was some debate over whether he was the absolute worst…not anymore.

2 thoughts on “BFD

  1. A future U.S. President would have to launch global thermonuclear war and incinerate the planet in order to outdo Trump in stupidity and evil.

    1. After which, the last two American survivors are laboriously crawling through the radioactive hellscape, when the one wearing the tattered red hat says “…but her EMAILS..”

      …and the other one beats him to death with a rock.

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