Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Powell to the Peephole edition

Well, The Darnold still hasn’t figured out a way to funnel his creme de la demenziale directly into the alleged brains of his sycophants, but never fear – his  craken  crack legal team is still making headlines for him!

Sidney Powell argues in new court filing that no reasonable people would believe her election fraud claims ^ | March 23, 2021 | Katelyn Polantz

Posted on 3/22/2021, 11:04:32 PM by Berlin_Freeper

Right-wing lawyer Sidney Powell is claiming in a new court filing that reasonable people wouldn’t have believed as fact her assertions of fraud after the 2020 presidential election.

The election infrastructure company Dominion Voting Systems sued Powell for defamation after she pushed lawsuits and made appearances in conservative media on behalf of then-President Donald Trump to sow doubt about the 2020 election results. Dominion claims that Powell knew her election fraud accusations were false and hurtful to the company.

In a new court filing, Powell’s attorneys write that she was sharing her “opinion” and that the public could reach “their own conclusions” about whether votes were changed by election machines.

“Given the highly charged and political context of the statements, it is clear that Powell was describing the facts on which she based the lawsuits she filed in support of President Trump,” Powell’s defense lawyers wrote in a court filing on Monday.

“Indeed, Plaintiffs themselves characterize the statements at issue as ‘wild accusations’ and ‘outlandish claims.’ They are repeatedly labelled ‘inherently improbable’ and even ‘impossible.’ Such characterizations of the allegedly defamatory statements further support Defendants’ position that reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact but view them only as claims that await testing by the courts through the adversary process.”

Or, in other words :

So much for discovery.
1 posted on 3/22/2021, 11:04:32 PM by Berlin_Freeper


To: Berlin_Freeper

That is how you get disbarred.

2 posted on 3/22/2021, 11:06:58 PM by Salvavida

To: Berlin_Freeper

Now we see why Trump distanced himself.

3 posted on 3/22/2021, 11:08:04 PM by Trumpisourlastchance

Love your handle, BTW. Probably should change it to “TrumpWASourlastchance”, though.
To: Trumpisourlastchance

“Now we see why Trump distanced himself.”

Hopefully she and Lin Wood get the help they need.

4 posted on 3/22/2021, 11:09:16 PM by BobL ( is now

To: Berlin_Freeper
does this mean that the CIA server farm raid in Germany didn’t seize the computers used to switch votes from Trump to Biden?

6 posted on 3/22/2021, 11:09:55 PM by JerryBlackwell (some animals are more equal than others)

To: Berlin_Freeper

If CNN says it, it must be true. /sarc

9 posted on 3/22/2021, 11:12:42 PM by Perseverando (Antifa, BLM, RINO’s, Islamonazis, Statists, Communists, DemoKKKrats: It’s a Godlessness disorder!)

A DC judge is going to chew her to pieces.

10 posted on 3/22/2021, 11:13:46 PM by bhl

Magic 8 ball says:
To: Berlin_Freeper

Right-wing lawyer …No need to read further than that slanderous propaganda.

18 posted on 3/22/2021, 11:27:47 PM by TigersEye (Will the Younger Dryas Impact you? )
So she’s really a left-wing lawyer? Working undercover, perhaps?
I’m calling a false flag on that one.
Continue reading at the “continue reading”….

To: Berlin_Freeper

From the article, “Dominion claims that Powell knew her election fraud accusations were false and hurtful to the company.”
I don’t understand how Dominion could KNOW these things.

Your momma dropped you on your head when you were little, didn’t she?

Is Sidney doing a “don’t throw me in the briar patch”?
And I certainly don’t understand what her lawyer did in that filing/argument.
Is she just yesterday’s hero zero now?

20 posted on 3/22/2021, 11:31:09 PM by Honest Nigerian

To: BobL
Who else was there fighting for the truth in this election?

Well, there’s always Rudy….



The RINO establishment?

You are a bunch of Judas’s.

42 posted on 3/22/2021, 11:50:56 PM by fwdude (Pass up too many hills to die on, and you will eventually fall off the edge of the world.)

To: Trumpisourlastchance

Trump has horrible judgment. Ommarosa, Cohen, Stone, Bannon…

43 posted on 3/22/2021, 11:52:57 PM by PghBaldy (12/14 – 930am -rampage begins… 12/15 – 1030am – Obama’s advance team scouts photo-op locations.)

But – but – he hires only the best peephole !! (had to justify the pun in the post title, dontchaknow)
To: Magnatron

I agree that Trump dropped the ball.

71 posted on 3/23/2021, 9:39:03 AM by Revel

Dropped it? He fucking own-goaled it! The only way he could have fucked up worse legally would have been to replace Rudy, Powell, and Lin with Spongebob Squarepants, Jim Carrey, and Lionel Hutz.
To: Berlin_Freeper

The Dominion suit is ALL FOR SHOW..Sidney Powell’s claims were ALL FOR SHOW..

They’re both on the same team and probably ALL carry CIA badges. Has Agent Eric Coomer come out of hiding yet?

46 posted on 3/23/2021, 12:16:28 AM by CivilWarBrewing (Get off my back for my usage of CAPS, especially you snowflake males! MAN UP!)
To: Berlin_Freeper

She destroyed her case by making outlandish claims.

48 posted on 3/23/2021, 12:23:17 AM by Jonty30 (What Islam and secularism have in common is that they are both death cults. )

Ya think?
To: Berlin_Freeper

But, but I trusted the plan.

49 posted on 3/23/2021, 12:23:45 AM by NoLibZone (Capitol surrounded by troops vetted to shoot us. Never again ask why the Jews walked into the cars.)

To: Steve Van Doorn

Ugh. That “confession” has the same flavor as all of the other misinformation produced by Powell-Wood that ran us all over the map.

I don’t believe it for a second.

64 posted on 3/23/2021, 6:34:31 AM by Fido969 ( Sc)

Fickle, fickle Freeperati……
Maybe a more nuanced legal analysis is in order?
To: Berlin_Freeper

This bimbo definitely isn’t right in the head.

80 posted on 3/23/2021, 1:10:25 PM by FlingWingFlyer (You can vote your way into socialism but you have to shoot your way out of it.)

And there you have it!
To: Revel

If you believe that the machines are not part of it then you believe like a fool.

We Republicans insisted on installing electronic voting machines all over the country that produced voter-reviewable paper ballots along with audit trails. Fools believe Sydney Powell and the pack of frauds and grifters that attached themselves to her cases. She is going to lose and will likely be disbarred in several States.

89 posted on 3/23/2021, 8:20:19 PM by Rightwing Conspiratr1
One can only hope.
And now, the post of the thread !
To: Berlin_Freeper

lol at the suckers who believed this fool

95 posted on 3/24/2021, 5:52:36 PM by stuck_in_new_orleans ( )

Don’t worry – we are laughing out loud.  Bunches.
See you good people next Monday morning!





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  1. It remains a puzzlement how Trump’s “crack (-pot? -head?) legal team” could have left out Orly Traitz, of birther fame.

    Maybe it was just “no, that shit is STUPID” for Orly.

  2. And yet may people still believe the fraud sit, even after Powell calls them unreasonable to having believed her. They don’t care.

    1. “CivilWarBrewing” already went there :

      “The Dominion suit is ALL FOR SHOW..Sidney Powell’s claims were ALL FOR SHOW..

      They’re both on the same team and probably ALL carry CIA badges. Has Agent Eric Coomer come out of hiding yet?”

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