Today on Tommy T’s Random Ruminations – Leaping Lemmings edition

You know, people – I’m obviously fascinated with the GOP’s destruction of their own voting base – old white people, of course.

Do they realize that by spreading the anti-vaxxer tropes, they’re killing their own voters?

Is this intentional? Is there someone at the top (no, not The Darnold, someone who actually runs things) who is a Democratic Party plant? A double agent whose mission is to put the Dems back in power permanently?

It’s a legitimate question, and I can’t come up with a lot of answers for “why are they so intent in killing their own voters?”

Do they think they can pin this on President Biden somehow, when we have to start piling their bodies in refrigerated trucks again?

I have to agree with Showercap when he says : The practical effect of all this disinformation has been to feed your audience directly into the queue with the captive bolt pistol at the end.

Showercap also speculated because they’re all in Big Mortician’s pocket?, but he was kidding.

I think.

I’ll let Joe Heller have the last word:



11 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Random Ruminations – Leaping Lemmings edition

  1. I’m equally puzzled why they want to make mail-in ballots difficult – especially for old people who may not drive anymore. Actually – no I’m not puzzled, they really are that dumb and they really believe millions of Black and Democratic voters drive around on Election Day casting multiple votes.

    1. “they really believe millions of Black and Democratic voters drive around on Election Day casting multiple votes.”

      I’m only aware of ONE case of voting that way, and it was a GOPer, of course.

  2. Everyone I see on Facebook, NextDoor, Free Republic, and similar right-wing sites are anti-vaxxers. There are a few woo-pitchers in the anti-vaxxer crowd, but very few in comparison to the “Fauci is a fraud” contingent, but very few.
    Anecdotal? Sure.
    Accurate? Absolutely.

  3. We have always had anti-vaxxers loudly disturbing the peace. From back in 2015:

    Some even pay money to push the idea:

    Echo chamber music does get loud, especially now that it has gotten easier to sing in the choir, but watching what the folks sitting in the pews do is a better guide to go by.

    1. Nine per cent in 2015? Versus 99% of COVID-19 deaths being the unvaccinated now? Sure thing. You should post that over in Freeperville and see the replies.

      1. You are mixing things up a whole lot, by that, you are mixing how many folks said they believed in anti-vax ideas in 2015 (9%) with how many of the folks that are dying from Covid-19 are unvaccinated (99%). That does not even rise up to being an apples vs oranges mis-comparison. But hey, to go in the spirit of your mis-comparison, the fatality rates among those that did not get vaccinated back then was also serious.

        As I said, we have always had anti-vaxxers amongst us, it was not that long ago that some celebrities pushed the idea that vaccines caused autism.

        When you take a look at the notion that actually only a few are spewing out the mis-information:

        much of the lot is echo chamber repetition. With the results the CDC are reporting regarding demographics, it does look like Republicans are getting vaccinated way beyond the rates for minorities. We need to do better.

  4. So you’re saying that Republicans are NOT the primary source of “It’s just the flu”, “the vaccine is full of nanobots” and “Fauci is killing us”?
    Like I said – feel free to go to Free Republic and post your theories.
    Let me know what responses you get.

    1. I never said that! And looking at the words I typed in, nor did I imply it, you will have to twist what I did say to get that.

      One last time :^)

      What I said is that the data released by the CDC seem to show that the Republican base is/are getting vaccinated. (as an addendum, albeit slowly, but faster than minorities.)

  5. “One of the main factors driving differences in COVID-19 vaccination rates across the country is partisanship. Our surveys consistently find that Democrats are much more likely to report having been vaccinated than Republicans, and Republicans are much more likely to say that they definitely do not want to get vaccinated. In May, just as vaccine supply was starting to outstrip demand, we examined average vaccination rates by county and found that rates were lower in counties that voted for Trump in the 2020 Presidential election compared to those that voted for Biden. Now, two months later, we find that not only does this remain the case, the gap has grown.”

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