Shane Is Not Happy With His Room

Japanese Restaurant
Really, the only time I get upset at a Japanese restaurant is if they run out of Wasabi

A couple of weeks ago an incident occurred at a Palo Alto Japanese restaurant. To summarize, a customer got bent out of shape because the restaurant, as a COVID precaution, wouldn’t take cash, only credit cards, as a form of payment. He started in on a rant about not being able to pay with cash (no doubt because he doesn’t have credit cards because then “they” know where you are) which of course ended with the now expected racial insults and cries of “go back where you came from”.

Really dude, you ate their food and now tell them to “go back where you came from”? Pretty sure he didn’t mean Mountain View. And you didn’t notice the 47 signs saying only credit cards as a form of payment? Just what kind of a…, I’ve been asked to defer from calling people the K name by my friends of the K name persuasion since they are getting all kinds of heat just for having that name. So in honor of having just concluded watching THE WHITE LOTUS, let’s call him Shane. Besides, I don’t know any Shanes.

Anyway, this Shane got so out of hand the cops had to be called and now they are investigating this as a hate crime. Well it should be. “Go back to where you came from” is just as coded a phrase as “urban upheaval” and “border crisis”. But I would also like to see it investigated as a hate crime against the service industry.

Really people, we’re at a point where things are beginning to open up just a crack in most of the country but it seems like half the population went into lock down and forgot how to act in public. This story takes place in Palo Alto but it might as well have taken place in a thousand other places. The prevailing attitude amongst so many people seems to be that any restaurant, bar, theater, hot dog stand, should just be glad to have the business and screw how I act. I’m free (from the detention room of my den), White (yes, it’s mostly white people) and 21 (or there abouts) so I can do whatever I want and you need the money so bad you’ll just have to take whatever I want to dish out.

And while that might be the major upfront factor in these incidents, I suspect there is something else on Shane’s mind. For that, we need to look at another story from last week.

The census data was released and the biggest surprise, besides the fact it was released at all because of Repugnicant interference, was that there are fewer white people in the US than ten years ago. And there were fewer white people ten years ago then there were twenty years ago. In fact, the number of Americans identifying as white is down to an all time low of 58%. In 2000 it was 69%. It feels like the rest of the country is finally catching up with California, where we have known for the past ten years that there is no majority and white is just another minority. By the 2030 census it’s pretty clear the idea of a white majority in this nation will have disappeared.

Think I’m exaggerating? Here’s another tidbit from the census: the number of people under the age of 18 who identified as white is a tick under 50%. That’s the future folks. If they don’t identify as white their kids won’t either.

Bye bye Shane. Hola Raoul.

Another tidbit from the census: the fastest growing Metropolitan area in the country is The Villages, a retirement community in Florida previously famous for having the highest venereal disease rate in the country. Hey, if you’re on the way out, go out happy. Most of those people down there are white. And make no mistake about it, those in the Villages are on their way out. When that’s the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country you know things are going to be changing.

While a white Mr. Villages married a white Miss Villages back in the 1970’s/80s, their kids, unburdened from the social restrictions of the previous era, are likely marrying members of different ethnic groups. People who get married generally have kids which might explain the rise in the multi-race identification of the under 18 crowd.

“We’re heading up north for a few days to visit Shane and Shaniqua and new baby Kanye”

So what does this all have to do with people being disrespectful of service industry workers? Well, a large majority of the service industry workforce is not white. A large majority of the service industry customer base is. That base looks at the service industry and sees not just an easy target but the future makeup of America. And it’s an America they don’t recognize. In fact it’s an America they fear because they will not be in control.

Fearful people lash out. Sometimes it’s a waitress at a Japanese restaurant who gets the brunt of the anger. Sometimes it’s the United States Capital.

Kathy I’m lost I said though I knew she was sleeping. I’m empty and I’m aching and I don’t know why

Shapiro Out

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