Debrisville Update

Root Beer Blues, 2005 photograph by Dr. A.

It’s been one month since Hurricane Ida kicked the Gret Stet of Louisiana’s ass. It’s given us another reason to remember 8/29. One could call it a Double Doomsday.

That’s life in TFC: This Fucking City.

The visible signs of Ida are still with us. There’s tree and construction debris throughout Debrisville and the surrounding area. It’s nothing compared to the damage in the Bayou Parishes, but it’s a depressing reminder of the punch that that ho Ida packed. Ore would you prefer another Ida pun?

New Orleanians are still angry about the trash situation. Its severity depends on what part of the city you live in as there are two companies involved. In my part of town, we’re serviced by Richard’s Disposal and our garbage is under control. We just had our fourth pick up. We’re not on a regular schedule yet so we’re leaving the bin by the curb until that happens.

In other parts of town, Metro Disposal has the contract and they’ve been slow, slow, slow. Owner Jimmie Woods is the least popular man in town right now. He’s tried to lie his way out of the tight spot he’s in, but the evidence is everywhere. Some emergency haulers have been brought in, so here’s hoping the Post Ida Debrisville Stank will soon just be an unpleasant memory.

That’s life in TFC: This Fucking City.

Entergy New Orleans remains the focus of intense anger. Like Metro, it tried to lie its way out of the crisis, but the City Council isn’t having it. After years of meek compliance with the powerful utility company, the council is pushing back. I, for one, would not be averse to re-municipalizing it, but unless the money can be found, that’s unlikely. I can dream, can’t I?

Traffic lights are another problem.  According to WWL-TV, of the 463 traffic lights in town, 255 were damaged by Hurricane Ida. Only 115 have been fixed. Since people here are notoriously bad drivers, there’s been a spike in traffic accidents.

That’s life in TFC: This Fucking City.

Repeat after me: If the traffic light is out, it’s a 4-way stop.

Mayor Teedy has been desperate to change the subject, so she’s been urging Carnival krewes to urge their members to get jabbed. We’re still in the middle of the Delta wave, but it’s showing signs of subsiding. It’s unclear what this means for Carnival 2022. People are desperate to have a normal Carnival, but that depends on what the pandemic has in store for us. I think the odds are 60-40 in favor of parades next year, but I plan to mask if it happens.

That’s life in TFC: This Fucking City.

Things are much worse in the Bayou Parishes. The Bayou Fund is still raising money if you’d like to help. Double dipping is encouraged. CLICK HERE.

The last word goes to XTC:

That’s life in TFC: This Fucking City.